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Filippos Pliatsikas is the main composer, lyricist and lead singer of the group Pyx Lax (Πυξ Λαξ), the most successful group ever in Greece.

After the band split in 2004, he released a personal album titled Ti Den Emathe o Theos (What God Didn’t Learn) in 2005, Taxidevondas me alo iho (live by rock band and a Symphonic orchestra) in 2006 and OMNIA in 2007, which reached gold and platinum sales. His discography begins in 1990 and has 12 platinum and 3 gold records to his credit.

This success is reflected also to his concerts both in Greece and abroad (UK, Germany, USA, Canada).

His music is a mixture of rock and traditional Greek music, but very often he includes classical forms to his songs. His lyrics, with a clear poetic disposition are sometimes inspired by love and other times have a strong social character that reflects various places of our planet.

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