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Costas Andreou (Greek: Κώστας Ανδρέου) is a musician from Athens, Greece. He processes the sounds of fretted and fretless electric bass in real time, creating multi-level soundscapes. The organic instrument sound is processed with analog and digital effects and looped in real time, using various live looping techniques and a number of delay, feedback, tape and loop devices. The textures, the themes, the melodies and the soundscapes are created via improvisation and often are further processed during mixing. He has collaborated with musicians, film and theatre directors, actors, dancers, visual artists, online applications designers and new media artists. His music is available to preview and download from the iTunes Store worldwide.

Music/sound design for multimedia and audiovisual installations


Music/sound design for animation

Easter Island

Music/sound design for film

Moment Of Torsion
Indirect Fire
No Relation
Behind A Cloud
Walls Are Dancing
Red Chamber
Sophia Girl

Music/sound design for documentaries

Fantastic Festivals Of The World - Garma And Darwin Festivals, Australia
Fantastic Festivals Of The World - Highland Gathering, Scotland
Blue Realm II, Shark Diver
Blue Realm II, Manatees And Dugongs
Sophia Girl

Music/sound design for theatre

Woyzeck (Georg Büchner)
"What Do You Say, Babis?" (Sakis Serefas)
Riddance (Linda McLean)
Leaves Of Glass (Philip Ridley)
Chroniques Des Jours Entiers, Des Nuits Entieres (Xavier Durringer)
Places To Hide
Children's Tales
Blackbird (David Harrower)
Sabbathland (Lena Kitsopoulou)
The Small Things (Enda Walsh)
L'Hereux Stratagème (Pierre de Marivaux)
The Pillowman (Martin McDonagh)
Amphitryon (Heinrich von Kleist)
Tone Clusters (Joyce Carol Oates)
The Mandate (Nikolai Erdmann)
King John (William Shakespeare)
Far Away (Caryl Churchill)
Flirtations (Arthur Schnitzler)
City In A State Of Emergency (Aghelliki Darlassi)
Mr Ouatson would like some more snow (Giannis Dumos)
Tabataba (Bernard-Marie Koltes)

Solo albums

Blind Journeys At Sea (2011)
Dolphin Dreams (2006)
Transpacific EP (2005)


Per Boysen & Costas Andreou - Nanetora (2008)

External links

Costas Andreou - official website.
*Flowd - artist channel on *Flowd network.
Google+ - artist profile on Google+ network.
stockholm-athens.com - collaboration with Per Boysen.

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