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Cleopatra II or III

Cleopatra III (Greek:Κλεοπάτρα, 161-101 BC) was Queen of Egypt 142-101 BC.

She was born in 161 BC to Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II of Egypt. Ptolemy VII Neos Philopater was her brother. After the death of her father, her brother became the King of Egypt, and her mother was regent. In an attempt to gain control of Cleopatra II, Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II "Physcon" married her. Physcon later had Philopater killed, thus taking the throne for himself.

He then discarded Cleopatra II and married Cleopatra III in 142 BC, making her Queen and joint ruler. His reign after that was peaceful, but he was very despotic.

She bore Physcon these children:

When he died, he left the throne to Cleopatra and whichever son she wished. If it were up to her, she would have chosen her younger son Alexander, but the Alexandrians forced her to bring Lathyros from Cyprus, of which he was governor, to co-rule, becoming Ptolemy IX. The younger son Alexander was then sent to Cyprus to fill Lathyros's former position.

Eventually, by accusing Lathyros of murdering her, she successfully deposed him and brought Alexander back to Egypt, becoming Ptolemy X. However, she eventually tired of Alexander and brought back Lathyros. Again, she grew tired of Lathyros as well, and Alexander was brought back. Tiring of his mother's intrigue, Alexander had her assassinated in 101 BC.

Preceded by:
Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra II
Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt
First Reign
with Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra II
Succeeded by:
Cleopatra II
Preceded by:
Cleopatra II
Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt
Second Reign
with Ptolemy VIII, Cleopatra II, Ptolemy IX, and Ptolemy X
Succeeded by:
Ptolemy X

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