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Berenice III (120-80 BC), sometimes called Cleopatra Berenice, ruled as queen of Egypt from 81-80 BC, and possibly from 101-88 BC jointly with her uncle/husband Ptolemy X Alexander. She was the first woman to rule Egypt alone in 1100 years, the last being Queen Twosret in 1185 BC.

She was born in 120 BC, the daughter of Ptolemy IX Lathyros and Cleopatra Selene. She married Alexander in 101 BC, after he took the throne from Lathros and had his mother (and her grandmother) Cleopatra III killed. When Lathyros reclaimed the throne, Berenice lost her own rule. However, when Lathyros died, Berenice took over the throne and ruled for six months, during which time she gained the love of the people.

She was forced to marry Ptolemy XI Alexander II in 80 BC. He had her killed 19 days later, an unwise decision, since it moved the people to revolt and kill him a few days later.

Preceded by:
Ptolemy X and Cleopatra III
Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt
First Reign
with Ptolemy X
Succeeded by:
Ptolemy IX
Preceded by:
Ptolemy IX
Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt
Second Reign
with Ptolemy XI
Succeeded by:
Ptolemy IX

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