Apollodorus of Athens (born c. 180 BC) was a Greek writer most famous for a verse chronicle of Greek history from the fall of Troy in the 12th century BC to 144 BC. A pupil of the scholar Aristarchus, he left Alexandria around 146 BC for Pergamum and eventually settled in Athens.

Apollodorus' chronicle gave dates by referring to the archons of Athens. Each archon only reigned for one year, allowing scholars to pin down the years to which Appolodorus was referring.

Apollodorus' other works include his essays On the Gods and on the Homeric Catalogue of Ships, used as a source by Strabo in his Geography. He also produced numerous critical and grammatical writings. The encyclopaedia of Greek mythology, called Bibliotheke or library, is not of his authorship but is invariably attributed to him.


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