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In Greek mythology, Targitaüs (Ancient Greek: Ταργιτάος) was the first king of the Scythians.[1] He was the son of Zeus and Borysthenis, daughter of Borysthenes, god of the Dneper River in Scythia (modern Ukraine).[2][3] He had three sons: Lipoxaïs, Arpoxaïs, and Colaxaïs, the youngest.[4]

Targitaus is recognised by some as the Togarmah of the biblical annals.[5][6]


Scholarship suggests that the names of Targitaus's sons, Lipoxaïs, Arpoxaïs, and Colaxaïs, each contain an Iranian word xšaya 'ruler, lord, king'. Their names would them mean, respectively, "The Mountain King", "The Deep King" and "The Sun King" (from unattested *Hvar-xšaya). These etymologies are presumed to indicate a tripartite division of the world in Scythian mythology.[7]

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