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In Greek mythology, Lynceus (/ˈlɪnsiːəs, -sjuːs/; Ancient Greek: Λυγκεύς "lynx-eyed") may refer to the following personages.

Lynceus, one of the 50 Sons of Aegyptus.[1]
Lynceus, king in Thrace and husband of Lathusa, friend of Procne. Tereus gave Philomela to him after ravishing his wife's own sister.[2]
Lynceus, son of Aphareus and one of the Argonauts.[3]
Lynceus, one of the companions of Aeneas in Italy who was slain by Turnus.[4]
Lynceus, one the dogs of the hunter Actaeon.[5]

Also, Lynceus is a crater on Janus (moon of Saturn), named after Lynceus of Messenia in the legend of Castor and Pollux.

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