In Greek mythology, Iacchus is an uncertain person. It may be an epithet for Dionysus (in Eleusis, a son of Zeus and Demeter) or a separate deity, a son of Persephone or Demeter.

Iacchus was the torch bearer of the procession from Eleusis, he was sometimes regarded as the herald of the 'divine child' of the Goddess, born in the underworld, and sometimes the child itself. He was called ‘the light bearing star of the nocturnal mysteries’, giving him possible associations with Sirius and Sothis (see later for more details).

Also, in Euripides' The Bacchae, according to the translation by Philip Vellacott, the Bacchants cry out "To dance, calling in unison on the son of Zeus, "Iacchus! Bromius!"

This suggests that they speak of Dionysus. Noting also that Bromius is a epithet of Dionysus, it can be assumed that Iacchus is too.

In Dion Fortune's novel "The Winged Bull", the main character invokes the name of Iacchus when he is unsure what to call a particular god he wishes to summon.

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