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In Greek mythology, three women were named Callirhoe or Callirrhoe (gr. Kallirhoe, "nice flowing" ka-leer'-oe-ee):

A daughter of Oceanus, who was the mother of Geryones and Echidna by Chrysaor. (Hesiod, Theog. 351, 981; Apollod. ii. 5. § 10.) By Neilus she was the mother of Chione, and by Poseidon of Minyas. (Serv. ad Aen. iv. 250; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 686.)

A daughter of Achelous and wife of Alcmaeon, whom she induced to procure her the peplus and necklace of Harmonia, by which she caused her husband's death. Callirrhoë then requested Zeus, with whom she lived in close intimacy, to grant that her sons by Alcmaeon might grow up to manhood at once, in order that they might be able to avenge the death of their father. Zeus granted the request, and Amphoterus and Acarnan killed the murderers of their father, the sons of Phegeus, at Delphi, and afterwards Phegeus himself also. (Apollod. iii. 7. § 6.)

Greek Mythology

A maiden of Calydon, who, when she was loved by Coresus, a priest of Dionysus, rejected all the offers he made to her. At length, he implored his god to punish the cruel maid. Dionysus now visited the people of Calydon with a general madness, which raged there like a plague. The Dodonaean oracle, which was consulted about the mode of averting the calamity, answered, that Dionysus must be propitiated, and that Callirrhoe must be sacrificed to him, or some one else in her stead. The maiden endeavoured in vain to escape her fate; but when she was led to the altar, Coresus, instead of performing the sacrifice, felt his love for her revive so strongly, that he sacrificed himself in her stead. But she also now put an end to her life near a well which derived its name from her. (Pausanias 7.21.1.) (Steph. Byz. s. v. Alabanda; Plut. Parallel. Gr. et Rom. 23.)

Greek Mythology

The sacrifice of Callirrhoe, Jean-Honoré Fragonard

A daughter of Scamander, the wife of Tros, and mother of Ilus and Ganymedes. (Apollod. iii. 12. 2.)


    Callirhoe is the title of the only novel known to have been written by the ancient Greek author Chariton.


    Callirhoé is the only ballet written by French composer Cécile Chaminade.


    In biology, Callirhoe is the genus of the poppy mallow plants.


    In astronomy, Callirrhoe (spelled with two r 's) is a moon of Jupiter.


    Josephus mentions Herod the Great seeking relief from his terminal illness at the hot springs of Callirhoe or Callirrhoe, said to be east of the Dead Sea.


    Greek Mythology

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