Apis in Greek mythology was

A son of Jason (according to Pausanias) or of Phoroneus (according to Apollodorus), and a king of Apia a ruler in the long line of rulers of Sicyon. Historically, he was most often alleged to have been killed by Aetolus.

Aetolus, who came to the throne after Epeius, was made to flee from Peloponnesus, because the children of Apis tried and convicted him of unintentional homicide. For Apis, the son of Jason, from Pallantium in Arcadia, was run over and killed by the chariot of Aetolus at the games held in honor of Azan. Pausanias Book 5


a son of Telchis the son of Aegialeus:

According to Pausanias Peloponnese before the time of Pelops was originally called Apia after him: Pausanias 2.5.7

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