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Greek Mythology

Anticlea (Evi Maltagliati) in the Odyssey 1955 Film

In Greek mythology, Anticlea, or Antiklia (Ἀντίκλεια, Αντίκλεια), was the daughter of Autolycus and mother of Odysseus by Laertes (or Sisyphus). Some say Sisyphus raped her before she married Laertes to revenge his loss of cattle to Autolycus. Anticlea died of grief while her son was away at the Trojan War. Odysseus speaks with her in the underworld when he travels there to speak with someone who can tell him the many dangers of his journey ahead.

Odyssey XI, 85. :

"Then appeared the ghost of my dead mother,
Anticleia, brave Autolycus'  daughter.
I'd left her still alive when I set off
for sacred Troy.  Once I caught sight of her,
I wept, and I felt pity in my heart.
But still, in spite of all my sorrow,
I could not let her get too near the blood,
until I'd asked Teiresias my questions.   

Greek Mythology

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