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Die Amazonenschlacht (Battle of the Amazons) , Anselm Feuerbach, 405 × 693 cm

Second version

The Amazons in support of the Trojans. Queen Penthesilea helps Nestor who is attacked by the Greeks led by Menelaus of Sparta

Detail Penthesilea

Agains the tradition Feuerbach shows Penthesilea with the right breast exposed.

Feuerbach was partly inspired by a Roman Sarcophagh with a relief of an Amazonomachy and other works.

The Number seven is used according to Julius Allgeyer ,

14 Amazons against 7 Greeks, seven of the amazons are wounded or killed the other seven fighting in seven separate actions.

Daniel Spitzer, a journalist wrote a very critical article about this work. Feuerbach was not able to sell this painting.

After his death his stepmother donated this work to the city Nürnberg

Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg / Germany

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