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Classical Music


Ioannis Apostolou (1860 ? - 28.8.1905 Naples Italy) Info

Petros Epitropakis (1897-–1977) Tenor

Orestis Makris (1899–-1975) Tenor

Eleni Nikolaidi (Έλενα Νικολαίδη) (1906 Smyrni - 14.11.2002), Greek American Mezzo Soprano, Teacher (Info) her husband was the baritone Thanos Mellos

Sonia Theodoridou Soprano

Margherita Perras (1908-–1984) Soprano

Elpis (Elpida) Kalogeropoulou (Speranza Kalo)


Callas, part of a series of stamps from Belgium, events and persons of the last century

The Very Best Of Maria Callas , Maria Callas, the Voice of the Century

Maria Callas (Maria Anna Sofia Cecilia Kalogeropoulos ) (Μαρία Κάλλας) (2.12.1923 New York– 16.9.1977 daughter of Evangelina Dimitriadis and George Kalogeropoulos. Her ashes scattered off the coast of Sounion) Soprano “Divina” , German Site (download a Callas Screensaver) Expressive Photos of Maria and More Callas Pictures . "Μαρίτσα, δεν έχει αξία τι έγινες στη ζωή σου, αλλά τι απο­λαμβάνεις από αυτήν" (Maritsa it doesn't matter what you are in your live, but how you enjoy it, Onassis to Callas” ). For me she remains a mystery. Was she not famous enough, did she not have enough money or was Aristotle Onassis really a so charming man? Around 700000 records are sold every year even 30 years after her death! Time Image (more Callas Images) .

John Modinos and Teresa Stratas

John Modinos (Τζών Μοδινός) (1927 Omodhos Cyprus) student of Solon Michaelides, Baritone

Teresa Stratas (Anastasia Stratakis) (26.5.1938 Toronto) Greek–Canadian Soprano, Canadian Music Council named her artist of the year in 1980, Canada's Walk of Fame in 2001, one of the finest operatic voices of the last century,...In the 1980s Stratas travelled to Calcutta and worked with Mother Teresa in the orphanage and in the Home for the Dying.

Elena Souliotis (28.5.1943 Athens - 4.12.2004 Florence)

Agnes Baltsa (Αγνή Μπάλτσα ) (19.11.1944 Lefkas) a great Greek Opera star (Mezzo Soprano)

Daphne Evangelatos (1952 Athens) Mezzo–Soprano

Dimitra Theodosiou (Δήμητρα Θεοδοσίου), Greek-German (mother) Soprano (b. Zürich) “The New Callas” , Verdi di Oro Sopranist of the Year 2001

Ioanna Sfeka–Karvelas Dramatic Soprano

Spyros Sakkas, Baryton

Markella Hatziano (Μαρκέλλα Χατζιάνο), Mezzo–Soprano (MP3 Examples and Videos from

Tatiana Troyanos (12.9.1938–21.8.1993) mezzo-soprano

Marios Frangoulis ( Μάριος Φραγκούλης) (18.12.1967 Rhodesia now Zimbabwe) Opera Star as Tenor Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Opening Ceremony 2004 Paralympics Athens (Interview with a Greek Journal), Graphic18Sometimes I Dream , Graphic19Fergari Erotevmeno (The correct title is probably Feggari and not Fergari :-( )

Eleni Apostolis (?) Lyric coloratura Soprano

Olga Bakali, (?) Dramatic Soprano (http://www.olga– )

Angeliki Theoharis, (?) Mezzo–Soprano

Constantinos Yiannoudes (? Cyprus) Baritone

Lina Orfanos (?) Greek American Soprano

Panajiotis Ikonomou (22.5.1971) Tenor

Irini Tsirakidis , (?) Soprano

Lila Adamaki (Λίλα Αδαμάκη) (? Volos) Soprano

Julie Ziavras (?) (Info)

Katia Zallas-Rosati (b. Thessaloniki), Soprano , President and Founder of The Hellenic Music Foundation

Dimitri Kavrakos (Δημήτρης Καβράκος) (?) Bass

Zachos Terzakis (Ζάχος Τερζάκης )(b. Athens) Tenor

Anja Harteros (?) German–Greek Soprano

Nikos Zachariou (?) Baritone

Alexandra Trianti (?) The Trianti Collection

Vasso Papantoniou, (Βάσω Παπαντωνίου ) Soprano

Alexandra Gravas (? b. Germany) Mezzo–Soprano

Dimi Palos (Dimitrios Papadopoulos) (1941 Athens), Musikakademie München / Germany , Tenor

Aris Christofelis (5. 2. 1960 Athens) Male Soprano , The modern Farinelli (one of the most famous castrati )?

Stella Doufexis , Greek German Mezzo Soprano

Kostas Paschalis (Κώστας Πασχάλης) (1929 Livadeia - 10.2.2007) Baritone

Piano , Organ, Harpsichord


Lila Lalaouni (1911 or 1918? Athens - 1996) France


Gina Bachauer (Τζίνα Μπαχάουερ) (21.5.1913 Athens – 22.8.1976 Athens) Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation ,–bachauer/ , Yiannis Christou, Gina Bahauer, and Katina Paxinou on the Acropolis. One of the greatest pianists of the past century. Bachauer Plays Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky: Collaboration In Poetry/Music . Gina Bachauer was a Piano Teacher of Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark Graphic21,

Anna Antoniades (Xydis) (1916 ? Krasnodar / Russia -14 December 1980 )


Rita Vourtsi

Aris Garoufalis (1942 Samos) Piano

Cyprien Katsaris (5.5.1951 Marseilles/France ) one of the top 100 pianists of the 20th century.

Nicolas Economou (11.8.1953 Nicosia/Cyprus – 29.12.93 killed in a car accident) Pianist. For more info see The Nicolas Economou Foundation

Dimitris Sgouros, Prokofiev Piano Concerto No 3 part 1

Dimitris Sgouros (Δημήτρης Σγουρός) (30.8.1969 Athens)

Maria Zisi (1976 Greece), Pianist (Info) various prizes in competitions

Konstantinos Papadakis (1972 Crete) Athens Conservatory of Music Golden Medal. May 2000 Esther and Albert Kahn Career Entry Award,A Associate professor of piano at Boston University.

Athena Adamopoulos, a young Composer and pianist


Dimitris Papatheodorou (Athens) Pianist

Yannis Xylas (? Thessaloniki) Pianist

Jannis Vakarelis (?) Pianist

Dino Mastroyiannis (?) Pianist

Natalie Tsaldarakis and P. B. Archontides the Ivory Duo ,

Christina Antoniadou (b. Athens) Piano and Organ

Vassilis Tsabropoulos (?) , Achirana (Jazz), Akroasis

Vassilis Varvaresos (?)

Alexis Agrafiotis (b.1970, Salzburg,-), Pianist, composer

Jerassimos Andreas Coidan (26.7.1972 Athens) Harpsichord, Piano, Organ


Andreas Sergidis (1911)

Gerasimos Miliaresis (1918)

Dimitris Fampas (Δημήτρης Φάμπας) (22.12.1921-3.3.1996)

Alexandre Lagoya (1929 - 1999), Greek-Italian guitarist.


Eva Fampas (see also Dimitris Fampas)

Elena Papandreou , (Music Clips) Guitar

Yorgos Foudoulis (1964 Volos) composer

Evangelos and Liza (?)

Vangelis Boudounis (1950) Composer, Guitar (Info) “The Guitarists Ensemble”

Nikos Papacostas (?) Guitarist and Songwriter, traditional to rock music..

Other Instrument

Leonidas Kavakos (1967 Athens) a virtuoso violinist

Achilles Liarmakopoulos, trombonist.


Eleftherios Papastavrou (Λευτέρης Παπασταύρου) (Thessaloniki), Violoncello

Theodore Kerkezos Saxophone

For more information about Greek Classical Music (but not only) visit the archive of:

Thomas Tamvakos (Θωμάς Ταμβάκος) Archive of Greek Classical Composers (Αρχείο Ελλήνων Μουσουργών )

Greek Bibliography

Τάκης Καλογερόπουλος, Το λεξικό της Ελληνικής μουσικής, (Αθήνα: Γιαλλελής, 1998-2002)


Hellenic Festival


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Ancient Greek Music and Instruments , Musical Instruments Museum (Athens) – The Fivos Anoyanakis Collection

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