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Hi-5 were a Greek girl pop group consisting of five females created by the Greek version of the popular show Popstars in 2003. The band shot to fame immediately and had huge groups of fans in Greece, Cyprus and the Greek islands. They made hits such as Xero Ti Zitao, To Tyhero Asteri, M'Ena Fili, Gennithika Xana and Bourou Bourou. They split in 2005 on good terms after two years of sheer success to persue solo careers.

The Girls

Marlen Angelidou - Marlen was born Maria Eleni Mantalena on 6th September 1978 in Cyprus to a Cypriot father and an English mother. After graduating from Nicosia Grammar School, she studied business management, but this also forced her into working with musicals. She started working in a music theatre in London and toured Europe in jazz and rock concerts. She represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest with Tha 'Ne Erotas but came a disappointing second from bottom after a bad stage performance. She received just two points from UK. Unperturbed, she returned to fame after winning Popstars in Greece and joined the girl band Hi-5. They split in 2005 after two extremely successful years and all plan solo careers.

Irini Psyhrami - Irini Psyhrami was born on the 17th July 1983 in Athens, Greece. From a young age, Irini has been involved with singing, dancing, and performing. At the age of 15, she played two parts in TV series and was a member of two rock groups (Just a Minute and Afytis). She took part in the Greek version of Popstars and won a part in the first ever girl group of Greece, Hi-5. Their album Makrya ap' Afti ti Gi went gold, and after two years of hardcore success, the band went their separate ways, and Irini has moved into the rock scene.

Froso Papaharalampous - Sweet Froso was born on the 4th July 1981 in Cyprus's capital, Nicosia. She has been in many different job situatons, from a baby-sitter to clothes shop assistant to air stewardess for Cyprus Airways. Froso was doing her third year of marketing studies at Cyprus College when she appeared on Popstars in Greece. She went on to win the TV show and become a member of its own production girl band, Hi-5. After several albums, many no.1 hits and two years of sheer success, Hi-5 came to an end in 2005. Froso has already signed up to a music company and is hoping for a great solo career.

Shaya - Marianna Hansen (later more commonly known as Shaya) was born on the 17th February 1982 in Denmark to a Danish father and a Guyanese mother. Her family moved to nearby Sweden while Shaya was still young. When she was a teenager, Shaya and her relatives emigrated to Thessalonica in Greece, where she released her song, Release Me, and toured European countries with her music. She later worked as a show woman in a club in Salonica. Her big break came when she won Popstars and entered the ever-successful group Hi-5. After numerous chart-topping albums and singles, the band came to an end in 2005 when all its members decided that they would enter solo careers while their success was still booming. Shaya has performed at the night-club Chiculata in Greece, performing with some famous Greek artists such as Yiorgos Xanthiotis, Sabrina, and Stathis Xenos. Her first CD (a duet with rapper Bob) was released in the summer.

Nansy Stergiopoulou - Nansy, the youngest of Hi-5, was born on the 14th July 1984, in Athens, despite her roots being in Serres, northern Greece. At the age of 19, Nansy started to study classical guitar. She dreamt of either teaching classical dance or English literature, which she studied at the University of New York. At just 18 years of age, she took part in TV show Popstars. Nansy was stunned to win her spot in the show's band, Hi-5. Despite two years of huge success and numerous no.1 singles and albums such as Gennithika Xana and Bourou Bourou, the band split while at its peak, so that its members could persue their own solo music careers.

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