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ALX (Βαλάντης Στραβαλέξης) (born 1975 in Detroit, Michigan, USA), pronounced Alex, is one of Greece's most influential hip hop producers. He was perhaps the first producer in Greece to compose using a sampler. He was a member of the hip hop group Terror X Crew and produced all of their albums.

ALX is also known for his work on music videos. From 1997 to 2001 he directed and edited a number of videos for Terror X Crew, Ihokratoria, FFC, Razzastar and other hip hop artists.

Terror X Crew

Terror X Crew was perhaps the first hardcore hip hop group in Greece. After starting life in the early 1990s as a graffiti crew, they began to record demos when DJ ALX joined them in 1992. In 1993 ALX moved to San Diego, California and then to Los Angeles to attend recording engineer and video production classes. When he returned to Greece he used his new skills to record, produce and mix Terror X Crew's albums, two of which (I Polis Ealo and I Gefsi Toy Menous)achieved gold certification. He also directed and edited the Crew's videos, which received heavy rotation on Greek music television networks. As of 2007, he is working in his studio, 396 Degrees, on a Terror X Crew remix album titled I Gefsi Toy Telous ("Flavour of the End"). Since the group has now split, this will be its last album.


ALX also formed Ihokratoria (State of the Boom), a talented production team whose aim was to raise the quality of Greek hip hop. The first group to receive Ihokratoria's support was Zontani Nekri (Living Dead), whose first EP and LP influenced many other would-be MCs upon their release in 1998. ALX subsequently produced Zontani Nekri's lead rapper Timvorihos's first solo album Paidi Thavma - Rima Gia Hrima ("Wonder Boy - Rhyme For Cash"). Terror X Crew was also an Ihokratoria production, but became an independent project with its own fan base.

ALX began to receive many demos, and released a compilation titled I Ihokratoria parousiazei, meros a ("Ihokratoria presents, part 1"). However, there were many disagreements between Ihokratoria artists, and the quality of the team's output has arguably decreased in recent years.


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