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Theatre masks

In ancient drama plays, actors wore masks made of wood or linen cloth, which indicated the sex, age, character and morals of the heroes.
Plays are depicted in vase-paintings in which these masks can be seen in use.

A systematic, detailed description of the types of masks used in tragedy and comedy is given by Julius Polydeukes (2nd c. AD), who drew on earlier authors
Some of the types can be recognised in marble masks made in Athens after the middle of the 4th c. B.C., when the production of plays flourished. These marble masks were either part of the decoration of a building (Theatre, Odeion, etc.) or a funerary monument, or were simply dedications made by victors in drama contests.

1751 : Theatre mask. Pentelic marble.

1752 : Theatre mask. Pentelic marble.

1753 : Theatre mask. Pentelic marble.

3373 : Theatre mask. Ruler slave, Pentelic marble.

4512 : Theatre mask. Pentelic marble.

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National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece

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