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National Archaeological Museum, Athens

126. Votive relief. Demeter, Kore and Triptolemos, Pentelic marble.

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Found in Eleusis. This is the largest and most important known votive relief.
Dedicated to the sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis, it represents
the Eleusinian deities in a scene of mysteriac ritual.
At left, Demeter, clad in a peplos and holding a scepter in her left
hand offers ears of whaet to Triptolemos, son of the Eleusinian King Keleos
to bestow on mankind. At right, Persephone, clad in chiton and mantle and
holding a torch blesses Triptolemos with her right gand. The magnifience
of the image and particularly the large scale of the relief suggest that
it was not a simple votive dedication but rather associated with cult.
The relief was apparently famous in antiquity and was copied in the
Roman period. One of its copies in now in Metropolitan Museum of Art in
New York.


Ο Τριπτόλεμος δέχεται σπόρους από σιτάρι από τη Δήμητρα και ευχές από την Περσεφόνη

NAMA, Eleusis

National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece

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