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Georgios Drosinis (Γεώργιος Δροσίνης) (9.12.1859 Athens – 3.1.1951 Kifisia) poet (Examples in Greek) Amaryllis, The Herb of Love (Info in Greek) (2nd Image with Kostis Palamas)

Lorentzos Mavilis (Λορέντζος Μαβίλης ) (6.9.1860 Ithaka – 28.11.1912) Lethe, Lullaby, In Vain In Vain was found in the pocket of his battle dress when he was killed at Driskos “Σε μια στιγμή της μάχης μια σφαίρα του διατρυπά τα δύο μάγουλα... Ενώ μεταφέρεται αιμόφυρτος .. ένα δεύτερο βόλι τον βρήκε στο στόμα.” . Info in Greek

Ioannis Kondylakis (Ιωάννης Κονδυλάκης ) (1861 Ano Viannos Crete – 1920 Iraklion) Patouchas (Πατούχας) (Info), The Miserables of Athens, The First Love (Info) (Info in Greek)

Ioannis Polemis (Ιωάννης Πολέμης)(1862 Athens – 1924) (Info in Greek, use Greek encoding), The Secret School

Andreas Karkavitsas (Ανδρέας Καρκαβίτσας) (1865 Lechaina – 24.10.1922 Marousi); Sea, The Beggar, The MermaidTa logia tis ploris, Ta xotika tis thalassas

Απάνθισμα ( Το κόνισμα )

Dimitris Lipertis (Δημήτρης Λιπέρτης)(1866 Larnaca – 1937) poet from Cyprus, Cypriot Greek dialect (Info in Greek)

Konstantinos Petrou Kavafis (or Constantine P. Cavafy) (Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης) (29.4.1863 Alexandria – 29.4.1933 Alexandria) son of Petros Ioannis Kavafis and Harikleia. Kavafis is one of the most important poets of the twentieth century. Ithaca. . The poem Ithaca was read during a memorial service for Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Only a few days after her death the edition of the poems of Kavafis was sold out in New York. She probably has selected this poem because it tells us that even if our Ithaca in reality finally is the death what is more important is the voyage. Kavafis has influenced many poets among others W.H. Auden. D. Yeros: Photos based on Kavafis Poems , Kavafis: Like the ancients ,Ο κόσμος του Καβάφη, H ομοφυλοφιλία του Καβάφη , Ηξερε ο Καβάφης ελληνικά; It is recorded that his last motion before dying was to draw a circle on a sheet of blank paper, and then to place a period in the middle of it.

As much as you can, Candles, The City, Waiting for the Barbarians,

Περιμένοντας τους βαρβάρους, Ιθάκη , Τείχη , Τρώες

Poetry International : Cavafy

For more information, his poems and images visit The Kavafis Website

Grigoris Xenopoulos (Γρηγόριος Ξενόπουλος ) ( 9.12.1867 Constantinople – (11 or 14).1.1951) (http://www.zakynthos – net.gr/xenopoulos/ Greek Site) (Info) (Ta NEA in Greek) “Η Διάπλασις των Παίδων” (image) a journal for which he has written articles for children (among its readers O. Elytis)

Alexandra Papadopoulou (1867-1906)

Kostas Christomanos (Κωνσταντίνος Χρηστομάνος )(1867 – 3.11.1911), poet , author (work for theater) , he is the second owner of a car in Greece (if there is no other with the same name) “Ο Κωνσταντίνος Χρηστομάνος είναι ο δεύτερος ιδιοκτήτης αυτοκινήτου στην Ελλάδα μ' ένα μονοκύλινδρο de Dion Bouton, το πρώτο αυτοκίνητο στην Ελλάδα είναι ένα Peugeot παραγωγής (μάλλον) του 1891 ( ιδιοκτήτης του ο πλούσιος Αθηναίος Νικόλας Κοντογιαννάκης) “

Kostas Krystallis ( Κώστας Κρυστάλλης ) (1868 Syrrako Epirus – 1894 Arta) (Info in Greek)

Kostas (Konstantinos) Chatzopoulos (Κώστας Χατζόπουλος) (1868 Agrinio – 1920 Brindesi Italy , he died on a ship ); Elegies and Idyls , Φθινόπωρο ( Autumn, Fthinoporo) (PDF)

Miltiadis Malakasis (Mιλτιάδης Μαλακάσης ) (1869 Messologi – 27.1.1943 Athens) (Info in Greek) (Τραγουδάκι της Λιμνοθάλασσας in Greek, use Greek encoding ) Απάνθισμα ( Χρονογραφία )

Ioannis Gryparis (Ιωάννης Γρυπάρης) 1870 Sifnos – 1942 Athens) Examples in Greek

Ioannis Kampysis (Γιάννης Καμπύσης) (June 1872 Koroni-23.11.1901 Athens)

Konstantinos Theotokis (Κωνσταντίνος Θεοτόκης) (13.5.1872 Karousades Corfu – 1.7.1923 Corfu) The Convicted , The life and death of Karavelas, The slaves their bonds

Nikolaos Episkopopoulos (1874-1944)

Penelope S. Delta (Πηνελόπη Σ. Δέλτα) (1874 Alexandria Egypt –27.4.1941) (Her Parents: Emmanuel Benakis and Virginia Choremi) Sta mystika tou valtou (Στα μυστικά του Βάλτου) (Secrets of the swamp, Greek On Line Text), Trelantonis (Crazy Antonis). She committed suicide, partly due to an illness an also due to occupation of Greece and Athens by the Nazi Germany. Her last written words “Παιδιά μου, ούτε παπά, ούτε κηδεία. Παραχώστε με σε μια γωνιά του κήπου, αλλά μόνο αφού βεβαιωθείτε ότι δεν ζω πια. Φροντίστε τον πατέρα σας. Τον φιλώ σφιχτά. Π.Σ. Δέλτα“ (Ta NEA in Greek) H Πρώτη Κυρία της παιδικής λογοτεχνίας

Zacharias Papantoniou (Ζαχαρίας Παπαντωνίου) (1877 Karpenisi – 1.2.1940 Athens) (Info in Greek) Ta psila bouna

Demetra Vaka Brown (Demetra Kenneth Brown) (1877 Constantinople/Istanbul – 1946) Greek – Ottoman – American In the Heart of German Intrigue (Houghton Mifflin, 1918)

Lambros Porphyras (or Porfyras) (Dimitrios Sypsomos)(Λάμπρος Πορφύρας /Δημήτριος Σύψωμος ) (1879 Chios – 1932 Piraeus) poet (Examples: The Last Fairy – Tale , The Voyage , Stand Death a Drink ), More Examples in Greek , Examples in Greek

Galateia Alexiou (1881-1962) (alias Petroula Psiloriti or Lalo de Kastro), wife of Nikos Kazantzakis. The Diseased State (1914), Women (1933), While the Ship Sails

Sotiris Skipis (Σωτήρης Σκίπης) (1881 – 1951) poet, Example (Ton ideon mou i poli in Greek)

Nikos Kazantzakis (Νίκος Καζαντζάκης) (18.2.1883 Herakleion(former Megalokastron) – 26.10.1957 Freiburg/Germany Saturday 22:10 he dies from Leukemia, His last words “water!water” (νερό! νερό)) One of the greatest authors of Greece. Zorba the Greek (The result of a cooperation with Giorgis Zorbas and Kazantzakis to run a coalmine), The Odyssey: a modern Sequel a 33333 lines work (17 – syllable verses, 24 rhapsodies) considered by him as his best work (that can be explained by the effort to produce it) but probably too complex for the public, Spain, Christ Recrucified, The Last Temptation of Christ.(banned by the Catholic Church, "I am always surprised over people's narrow-mindedness and hard hearts. This is a book I have written inflamed with a deep religious feeling and with a burning love for Christ. But Christ's representative, the Pope, understands nothing, he can not feel the Christian love it is written with, but condemns it. But it is in complete agreement with the present poverty and slavery that I am being condemned"). He was influenced by Nietzsche. He studied philosophy and his work shows this. He was excommunication by the Greek Orthodox Church.(Το έγγραφο της Ιεράς Συνόδου προς την Εισαγγελία για τα έργα του Kαζαντζάκη) His epitaph (and a possible answer to this action): I hope for nothing. I fear for nothing. I am free. “Οταν συλλογίζουμαι τώρα την Ελλάδα και τους ανθρώπους που την κατοικούν και τους πιθήκους που εξευτελίζουν το Πνέμα, καπνίζει η κεφαλή μου.” , Kazantzakis related Movies , (Ta NEA in Greek) Kazantzakis and Eleni (1954) , Quote from Capetan Michalis (in Greek), The real Zorbas , His Grave

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