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Dimitrios Vikelas (Δημήτριος Βικέλας) (15.2.1835 Ermoupolis/Syros – 20.7.1908
Athens) (He was a member of the 1896 Athens Olympics organizing group, the first president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 1894 -1896), Tales from the Aegean Biography in Greek (Info , The Vikelas Library in Greek). He is the only modern Greek author in the Gutenberg Library!. (www.gutenberg.org)

Emmanuel Roidis (Εμμανουήλ Ροΐδης) (1836 Ermoupolis /Syros – 7.1.1904 Athens), Πάπισσα Ιωάννα (Papissa Joanna (1866), book translation by Laurence Durrell) “ενώ τοσούτοι πένητες στερούνται οβολού προς αγοράν άρτου, να δίδεται χρυσός εις τους ιερείς, ίνα ανάπτωσι κηρία εν πλήρη μεσημβρία ή κοσμώσι δι' αυτού τα είδωλα των ναών και των παλλακίδων των τα στήθη...” he was excommunicated from the Greek Orthodox Church and his book was banned in Greece. (Some comments from Papissa in Greek) ,Biography in Greek Examples in Greek, Διασκευάζοντας την Πάπισσα Ιωάννα , Οι τύχες της Πάπισσας Ιωάννας

Achilleas Paraschos (Αχιλλέας Παράσχος) (1838 Nafplion – 26.1.1895 Athens) Examples in Greek

Dimitrios Paparrigopoulos (Δημήτριος Παπαρρηγόπουλος) (1843 Athens – 1873 Athens) Examples in Greek

Mikelis (Michael) Avlichos (Μικέλης Άβλιχος) (1844 Kefalonia - Nov. 1917 Lixouri) satyrical texts

Georgios Vizyinos (Giorgos Michailidis) (Γεώργιος Βιζυηνός/Γεώργιος Μιχαηλίδης) (8.3.1849 Vizyi/Thrace – 1896 Dromokaitio Psychiatric Hospital Athens) Vosporides Avra (Ares, Mares, Koukounares) Tο μόνον της ζωής του ταξείδιον, Το αμάρτημα της μητρός μου, Αι Συνέπειαι της Παλαιάς Ιστορίας

Argyris Eftaliotis (Kleanthis Michailidis) (Αργύρης Εφταλιώτης/Κλεάνθης Μιχαηλίδης) (1849 Lesbos (Methymna/Molivos ) – 1923) Angelica, Stravokostaina Info in Greek

Vasilis Michaelides (1849 to 1853 – 18.12.1917) poet from Cyprus (Info in Greek) (9 July 1821 in Greek or its better to say in Cypriot Greek dialect , some parts also in English)

Alexandros Moraitidis (Andronikos) (Αλέξανδρος Μωραϊτίδης) (15.10.1850 Skiathos – 25.10.1929)

Alexandros Pallis (Αλέξανδρος Πάλλης)(1850-1935)

Dimitris Koromilas (Δημήτριος Κορομηλάς ) (1850-1898), Theater, Agapitikos tis Voskopoulas (Ο αγαπητικός της Βοσκοπούλας)

Timoleon Ampelas (1850-1929), Theater, historicy based

Lafcadio Hearn, Hearn with Setsuko Koizumi

Patricio Lafcadio Tessima Carlos Hearn (Lefkadios Hearn) changed to Yakumo Koizumi (27.6.1850 Lefkas – 26.9.1904 Japan) (Son of Rosa Kassimatis and Irish major Charles Hearn). He was an important Japanese author and poet of Greek origin. He was raised in Ireland. He went to the USA, Martinique and the French Antilles. At the age of 40 finally to Japan where he was until his death. His wife Setsuko Koizumi was a descendant of the Samurais. He changed his name to Yakumo Koizumi. He continued to write in English and teach English literature. He was buried, according to his wish, at a Buddhish monastery close to his house.

Alexandros Papadiamantis (Αλέξανδρος Παπαδιαμάντης) (3.3.1851 Skiathos – 3.1.1911 Skiathos) The Murderess (a woman who kills infant girls, Η Φόνισσα), Eastern (PDF File) both Greek text , Example in Greek

Απάνθισμα ( Άψαλτος, Έρως-Ήρως , Η φόνισσα, Ο Αλιβάνιστος, Όνειρο στο κύμα, Στρίγγλα Μάννα )

Charalambos Anninos ( Χαράλαμπος Άννινος) (1852 Argostoli - 1934 Athens)

Georgios Souris (Γεώργιος Σουρής) (1853 Syros – 1919 Athens ) poet, political satirist (Example in Greek)

Ioannis Psycharís (Jean Psichari) (Γιάννης Ψυχάρης) (1854 Odessa/Russia – 30.9.1929 Paris/France), Greek – French, The Voyage

Stefanos Martzokis (1855 – 1913)

Aristotelis Kourtidis

Image from the Diaplasis ton paidon, children's literature, 1886, a beheading

Diaplasis ton paidon 1893, a report about the great scientist William Thompson (1824-1907) who presented his results that the end of the world would be in 10 million years (he assumed a gravitational origin of the solar energy, the existence of nuclear reactions was discovered later)

Aristotelis Kourtidis (1858 – 1928), "Διάπλασις των παίδων" "Diaplasis ton paidon",

Kallirroi Siganou -Parren (Image: Stigmes Journal of Crete)

Kallirroi Siganou – Parren (Καλλιρρόη Σιγανού – Παρρέν) (1859 Platania Amariou /Rethymno – 16.1.1940 Athens). A pioneer of feminism in modern Greece founded her own weekly "Women's Newspaper" (Εφημερίδα των Κυριών) (The first Greek woman journalist) which she edited until 1918 when she was exiled to the island of Hydra because of her political views. She founded the Union for the Emancipation of Women and the Union of Greek Women in 1896. She ran classes and schools where she educated women in basics like reading and writing and through her efforts many women's institutes, homes for widows and orphans and special hospitals were founded. Through her influences women were permitted to study at the University and the Polytechnic of Athens and women doctors were appointed to women's prisons. Cheirafetimeni (Liberated), I magissa (The Witch Woman) (Info) A History of Women , A History of Greek Women from 1650 to 1860 (Some Info from http://web.ukonline.co.uk/m.gratton/index.html ) (A Report in Greek)

Kostis Palamas (Κωστής Παλαμάς) (13.1.1859 (around 15:00) Patras – 27.2.1943 AthensΗχήστε, οι σάλπιγγες... Καμπάνες βροντερές, δονήστε σύγκορμη τη χώρα, πέρα ως πέρα...Βογγήστε, τύμπανα πολέμου... οι φοβερές σημαίες, ξεδιπλωθείτε στον αέρα! Σ’ αυτό το φέρετρο ακουμπά η Ελλάδα!" ), The 12 words of the Gypsy (Ο Δωδεκάλογος του Γύφτου), Η φλογέρα του Βασιλιά, Examples , ΤΗΣ ΑΘΗΝΑΣ ΑΝΑΓΛΥΦΟ (Ta NEA in Greek), Examples in Greek (some in MP3 and Ύμνος των Αιώνων from Palamas himself) Olympic Anthem

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