By Ovid
Translated by Sir Samuel Garth, John Dryden, et al

Book 1

  • The Creation of the World
  • The Golden Age
  • The Silver Age
  • The Brazen Age
  • The Iron Age
  • The Giants' War
  • The Transformation of Daphne into a Lawrel
  • The Transformation of Io into a Heyfer
  • The Eyes of Argus transform'd into a Peacock's Train
  • The Transformation of Syrinx into Reeds

Book 2

  • The Story of Phaeton
  • Phaeton's Sisters transform'd into Trees
  • The Transformation of Cycnus into a Swan
  • The Story of Calisto
  • The Story of Coronis, and Birth of Aesculapius
  • Ocyrrhoe transform'd into a Mare
  • The Transformation of Battus to a Touch stone
  • The Story of Aglauros, transform'd into a Statue
  • Europa's Rape

Book 3

  • The Story of of Cadmus
  • The Transformation of Actaeon into a Stag
  • The Birth of Bacchus
  • The Transformation of Tiresias
  • The Transformation of Echo
  • The Story of Narcissus
  • The Story of Pentheus
  • The Mariners transform'd to Dolphins
  • The Death of Pentheus

Book 4

  • The Story of Alcithoe and her Sisters
  • The Story of Pyramus and Thisbe
  • The Story of Leucothoe and the Sun
  • The Transformation of Clytie
  • The Story of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus
  • Alcithoe and her Sisters transform'd to Bats
  • The Transformation of Ino and Melicerta to Sea-Gods
  • The Transformation of the Theban Matrons
  • Cadmus and his Queen transform'd to Serpents
  • The Story of Perseus
  • Atlas transform'd to a Mountain
  • Andromeda rescu'd from the Sea Monster
  • The Story of Medusa's Head

Book 5

  • The Story of Perseus continu'd
  • Minerva's Interview with the Muses
  • The Fate of Pyreneus
  • The Story of the Pierides
  • The Song of the Pierides
  • The Song of the Muses
  • The Rape of Proserpine
  • Cyane dissolves to a Fountain
  • A Boy transform'd to an Eft
  • The Transformation of Ascalaphus into an Owl
  • The Daughters of Achelous transform'd to Sirens
  • The Story of Arethusa
  • The Transformation of Lyncus
  • The Pierides transform'd to Magpies

Book 6

  • The Transformation of Arachne into a Spider
  • The Story of Niobe
  • The Transformation of Niobe
  • The Peasants of Lycia transform'd to Frogs
  • The Fate of Marsyas
  • The Story of Pelops
  • The Story of Tereus, Procne, and Philomela
  • Boreas in Love

Book 7

  • The Story of Medea and Jason
  • The Dragon's Teeth transform'd to Men
  • Old Aeson restor'd to Youth
  • The Death of Pelias
  • The Story of Aegeus
  • The Story of Ants chang'd to Men
  • The Story of Cephalus and Procris

Book 8

  • The Story of Nisus and Scylla
  • The Labyrinth
  • The Story of Daedalus and Icarus
  • The Story of Meleager and Atalanta
  • The Transformation of the Naiads
  • Perimele turn'd into an Island
  • The Story of Baucis and Philemon
  • The Changes of Proteus
  • The Story of Erisichthon
  • The Description of Famine
  • The Transformations of Erisichthon's Daughter

Book 9

  • The Story of Achelous and Hercules
  • The Death of Nessus the Centaur
  • The Death of Hercules
  • The Transformation of Lychas into a Rock
  • The Apotheosis of Hercules
  • The Transformation of Galanthis
  • The Fable of Dryope
  • Iolaus restor'd to Youth
  • The Prophecy of Themis
  • The Debate of the Gods
  • The Passion of of Byblis
  • The Fable of Iphis and Ianthe


  • The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice
  • The Fable of Cyparissus
  • Hyacinthus transform'd into a Flower
  • The Transformations of the Cerastae and Propoetides
  • The Story of Pygmalion and the Statue
  • The Story of of Cinyras and Myrrha
  • The Story of Venus and Adonis

Book 11

  • The Death of Orpheus
  • The Thracian Women transform'd to Trees
  • The Fable of Midas
  • The Building of Troy
  • The Story of Thetis and Peleus
  • The Transformation of Daedalion
  • A Wolf turn'd into Marble
  • The Story of Ceyx and Alcyone
  • The House of Sleep

Book 12

  • The Trojan War
  • The House of Fame
  • The Story of Cygnus
  • The Story of Caeneus
  • The Skirmish between the Centaurs and Lapithites
  • The Story of Cyllarus and Hylonome
  • Caeneus transform'd to an Eagle
  • The Fate of Periclymenos
  • The Death of Achilles

Book 13

  • The Speeches of Ajax and Ulysses
  • The Death of Ajax
  • The Story of Polyxena and Hecuba
  • The Funeral of Memnon
  • The Voyage of Aeneas
  • The Story of Acis, Polyphemus and Galatea
  • The Story of Glaucus and Scylla

Book 14

  • The Transformation of Scylla
  • The Voyage of Aeneas Continu'd
  • The Transformation of Cercopians into Apes
  • Aeneas Descends to Hell
  • The Story of the Sibyll
  • The Adventures of Achaemenides
  • The Adventures of Macareus
  • The Enchantments of Circe
  • The Story of Picus and Canens
  • Aeneas Arrives in Italy
  • The Adventures of Diomedes
  • The Transformation of Appulus
  • The Trojan Ships Transform'd to Sea Nymphs
  • The Deification of Aeneas
  • The Line of the Latian Kings
  • The Story of Vertumnus and Pomona
  • The Story of Iphis and Anaxarete
  • The Latian Line Continu'd
  • The Assumption of Romulus
  • The Assumption of Hersilia

Book 15

  • The Pythagorean Philosophy
  • The Story of Hippolytus
  • Egeria Transform'd to a Fountain
  • The Story of Cippus
  • The Occasion of Aesculapius Being Brought to Rome
  • The Deification of Julius Caesar
  • The Reign of Augustus, in which Ovid Flourish'd
  • The Poet Concludes




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