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Warrior from a Tripod

This figure was cast solid and is almost perfectly preserved. The warrior was in full panoply, with helmet, breastplate, greaves, and shield. The helmet is of the Corinthian type, with fixed cheek pieces ; it has a lofty crest on a stout support, which has the form of a bird's head and neck. The breastplate is short, reaching only to the waist, and below it the lower part of the chiton is represented. The greaves cover the knees. The spear was made separately and thrust through a small hole in the raised right hand. The shield also was made separately and attached to the arm by a broad handle, which is the only part that has survived. The face of the warrior, so far as it can be seen through the helmet, is of archaic type, with smiling mouth and eyes a fleur de tete. Particularly noticeable is the emphasis laid on the eyelids, which are treated as projecting ridges. The hair is long, falling over the shoulders behind, with incised wavy lines to indicate the detail. George H Chase

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