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The battle was fought between the Ottoman Turks and the Maniots of Mani. The loctation of the battle was in a plain between the two towns of Skoutari and Parasyros.The Orlof revolt failed and it left the Maniots who supported them in a sticky situation. A Maniot army of around 4,000 men and klephts fought a much larger Ottoman army of 12,000. The Maniots sent three men to negotiate with the Ottoman army. The three men were taken captive and beheaded.

The severed heads were taken up to the Maniot army on the slopes above.When the Maniots saw the heads of their dead compatriots they were filled with fury. They charged down the mountain catching the Turkish army by surprise.

In the ensuing battle, the Turkish army suffered 8,000 casualities to the Maniots 1,000. Since the Maniots had no place to bury the Turkish remains, they instead threw them down nearby wells.

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