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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Arkadia


Poulithra (Greek: Πούλιθρα) is a village and a community in the municipal unit of Leonidio, southeastern Arcadia, Greece. It is situated on the Myrtoan Sea coast, at the foot of the eastern Parnon mountains. As of 2001, it had a population of 598 for the village and 600 for the community, which includes the small inland village Pyrgoudi. Poulithra is 7 km southeast of Leonidio, 14 km east of Kosmas, 19 km northwest of Kyparissi (Laconia) and 42 km east of Sparti.

 Πελοπόννησος - Αρκαδία - Δήμος Λεωνιδίου Πουλίθρα - Καμάρες νερόμυλου

Year Village population Community population
1981 430 -
1991 458 -
2001 598 600

 Πελοπόννησος - Αρκαδία - Δήμος Λεωνιδίου Πουλίθρα1


In Poulithra the ancient city of Polichne was located, which was mentioned by the historian Pausanias in his travels. An ancient castle and Byzantine walls are to be found on the hill. In 1997, the formerly independent community became part of the municipality of Leonidio, which became part of the municipailty of South Kynouria in 2011.

Municipal unit Kosmas
Community Kosmas
Kosmas (Κοσμάς, ο)
Moni Elonis (Μονή Ελώνης, η)
Πηγάδι, το
Municipal unit Leonidio
Municipal Community Leonidio
Voskina (Βοσκίνα, η)
Leonidio (Λεωνίδι, το)
Moni Karyas (Μονή Καρυάς, η)
Community Agios Vasileios Kynourias
Agios Vasileios (Άγιος Βασίλειος, ο)
Community Vlisidia
Vlisidia (Βλησιδιά, η)
Fylatika (Φυλάτικα, τα)
Community Kounoupia
Kounoupia (Κουνουπιά, η)
Chouni (Χούνη, η)
Community Mario
Βίγλα, η
Mario (Μάρι, το)
Community Palaiochori
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι, το)
Community Peleta
Αμυγδαλέα, η
Peleta (Πελετά, τα)
Community Pigadi
Λογγάρι, το
Pigadi (Πηγάδι, το)
Fokiano (Φωκιανό, το)
Community Platanaki
Platanaki (Πλατανάκι, το)
Community Poulithra
Poulithra (Πούλιθρα, τα)
Pyrgoudi (Πυργούδι, το)
Community Pragmatevtis
Livadi (Λιβάδι, το)
Pragmatevtis (Πραγματευτής, ο)
Sampatiki (Σαμπατική, η)
Community Tsitalia
Tsitalia (Τσιτάλια, τα)

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