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Potidaea (Greek: Ποτίδαια Potidaia, modern transliteration: Potidea) was a colony founded by the Corinthians around 600 BC in the narrowest point in Pallene (now Kassandria) in the western point of Chalkidiki (Chalcidice) in what was known as Thrace, Potidaea was maintaining trade with Macedonia.

During the Delian League conflicts between Athens and Corinth. However, the Corinthians send a supreme magistrate each year. Potidaea was inevitably mingled with all the conflicts between Athens and Corinth.

The people revolted against the Athenians in 432, but it was besieged and taken during the Peloponnesian War in 430.

The Athenians preserved the city until 404, on the date which it was passed into Chalcidice.

The Athenians retook the city in 363, in 356, Potidaea fell into the hands of Philip II of Macedon. Potidaea was destroyed and handed the territory to the Olynthians. Cassander built a city in the same site and was named Cassandreia.

The modern settlement of Nea Potidaia is near this ancient site.

In 479 BC many Persian soldiers are killed by a Tsunami according to Herodotus, Book 8:

After Artabazus had continued the siege by the space of three months, it happened that there was an unusual ebb of the tide, which lasted a long while. So when the barbarians saw that what had been sea was now no more than a swamp, they determined to push across it into Pallene, And now the troops had already made good two-fifths of their passage, and three-fifths still remained before they could reach Palline, when the tide came in with a very high flood, higher than had ever been seen before, as the inhabitants of those parts declare, though high floods are by no means uncommon. All who were not able to swim perished immediately; the rest were slain by the Potidaeans, who bore down upon them in their sailing vessels. The Potidaeans say that what caused this swell and flood, and so brought about the disaster of the Persians which ensued therefrom, was the profanation, by the very men now destroyed in the sea, of the temple and image of Neptune, situated in their suburb.


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