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Platanos (Greek: Πλάτανος meaning maple) is a village and a former municipality in Aetolia-Acarnania, West Greece, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Nafpaktia, of which it is a municipal unit.[1] Population 1,775 (2001). The village population was 324 in 2001 and the municipal district was 404. It is linked with the road linking to Nafpaktos and the new dam as well as a mountain road to the north. Platanos is located in the mountainous region and are surrounded by forested mountains. The Evinos River is situated east of the town.

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Achladokastro is a mountain village (alt. c. 800 m), before 1928 it was known as Artovita. It was renamed Achladokastro fdue to the pear trees in the regio. Near Achadokastro is an old bridge from the 15th century.

Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios is a mountain village (alt. c. 650 m). The village was founded during the Greek war of independence after an older village was destroyed by Ottoman forces.


Arachova is a mountain village (alt. c.960 m). Near the village is the Evinos lake formed by the river Evinos.


Chomori is a small mountain village (alt. c. 700 m), together with Agia Trias a municipal district. The village had a population of 77 (2001), although usually like all mountain villages the population is much smaller in the winter and much larger in the summer .


Dendrochori (older form Dendrochorion) is a mountain village (alt. c 850 m) on a side of the mountain Kokkinia. In the past it was known as Ternova. It was renamed Dendrochori ("Tree village") due to the surrounding forrest.


Kastania (older form Kastanea ) is a mountain village (alt. c. 1200 m) build on the west side of the mountain Ardini.


Livadaki (older form Livadakion) is a small village before 1931 known as Avorani . An older settlement Kato Avorani was abandonded and the population moved into the current position Ano Avorani probably around the 16th century.,


Neochori (older form Neochorion) is a mountain village (alt. c. 730 m). It was named Neochori "New village" because an older village was abandonded during the Ottoman period. Neochori is with Petroto (Paliocechoro) part of the synonmous district.

Historical population
Year Village Municipal district Municipality
1981 - 358
1991 227 - 1,694
2001 324 404 1,775

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Platanos has schools, lyceums or middle schools, a few gymnasia or secondary schools, churches, a post office, banks, and a few squares (plateies).


^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

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