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Pieries (Δήμος Πιερίων) is a municipality of the Pieria prefecture. It is named after the Pieria mountain region .

The true population of the municipality was 2811 in 2001 divided in the districts


Elatochori or Elatochorio is a mountain village . It was formed from a nearby old settlement Palio Eltochori (alt c. 800 m) . The village is known due to the ski center Elatochori


Ritini is c. 23 km far from he city of Katerini, 90 km from Thessaloniki, 100 km from Larissa and 461 km from Athens


Vrya or Vria is a village, named probably after the plant Vrya. The village Palia Vrya (Old Vrya) was build in 1910 around 2 km from the current Vrya . Today only few houses remain in the old village.

Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code ((0)30-)
Pieries 4212 Ritini 601 00 23510-82

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