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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Evros

Panorama (Πανόραμα) Evros

Panorama is a coastal settlement of Thrace in the Regional Unit of Evros [1], which is located on the shores of the Thracian Sea. It is 14 km west of Alexandroupolis and as a separate settlement is officially recorded for the first time in 1971 in the then community of Makris. [2] According to the Kallikratis Plan administratively, it belongs to the local community of Makris, which belongs to the municipal unit of Alexandroupolis of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis and according to the 2011 census has a population of 37 inhabitants [3].


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Community Makri
Dikella (Δίκελλα, τα)
Ennato (Έννατο, το)
Koimisi Theotokou (Κοίμηση Θεοτόκου, η)
Makri (Μάκρη, η)
Mesimvria (Μεσημβρία, η)
Panorama (Πανόραμα, το)
Paralia Dikellon (Παραλία Δικελλών, η)
Plaka (Πλάκα, η)

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