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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Panagoula (Παναγούλα) Aitoloakarnania

Panagoula is a semi-mountainous village in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania in Western Greece.


Panagoula is located at an altitude of 360 meters at the foot of Mount Boumisto in the Akarnanian Mountains. Its old name was Merdenikos or Berdenikos. The village overlooks the Ionian Sea with its many islands, Kalamos, Kastos, Meganisi, Lefkada, Ithaca and Kefalonia. A little lower on the provincial road and at an altitude of 135 m. There is the settlement Xira. The name Merdenikos was taken from Albanian invaders and means "welcome".


In ancient times the area belonged to the ancient city of Alyzia [3]. It was built above the site where it is today, where the ruins can be seen.

Panagoula, as Merdenikou, is mentioned for the first time in 1521 with about 157 families, after about forty years (1562) the families had decreased to 90. Little by little we reach about 1732 with 10 families about as many as in 1815. a few years before the revolution of 1821. Several residents of Panagoula took part in the Revolution of 1821. After the Revolution it became part of the Municipality of Solio.

In 1919 with the Government Gazette 112A - 25/05/1919 it became a community and in 1928 with the Government Gazette 81A - 14/05/1928 it was renamed Panagoula [4] a tribute to the church of Panagia located at the entrance of the village.

In 1955, after the catastrophic earthquake of 1952, the first houses of the settlement of Xira were built. After 1992, several residents moved to Mytika.


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History Paveli Panagioti, Panagoula of Etoloakarnania

Municipal unit Alyzia
Community Archontochori
Agios Athanasios (Άγιος Αθανάσιος, ο)
Archontochori (Αρχοντοχώρι, το)
Paliovarka (Παλιόβαρκα, η)
Community Varnakas
Varnakas (Βάρνακας, ο)
Community Kandila
Kandila (Κανδήλα, η)
Community Mytikas
Mytikas (Μύτικας, ο)
Community Panagoula
Panagoula (Παναγούλα, η)

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