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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Voiotia

Oinofyta (Greek: Οινόφυτα, alternative transliteration Inófita) is a village and former municipality in eastern Boeotia, Greece. Following the local government reform of 2011 it is now part of the municipality of Tanagra, of which it is a municipal unit.[1] Its former name was Liatani.

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The municipal unit of Oinofyta is subdivided into the following communities (constituent villages in brackets):

Agios Thomas
Oinofyta (Oinofyta, Dilesi)

Historical population
Year Town population Municipality population
1981 2,555 -
1991 3,697 -
2001 3,137 8,195


In December 2007, official tests revealed that drinking water in Oinofyta was contaminated with high levels of the carcinogen hexavalent chromium, which is used as an anti-corrosive in the production of stainless steel, paint, ink, plastics and dyes. For decades, factories had been dumping waste in the Asopos River, whose waters run from red to black and ripple with bubbling sludge.[2]

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^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)
^ River runs purple and contaminates Greek town

Municipalities and communities of the Boeotia (Voiotia) Prefecture


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