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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Oasi (Όαoη) Achaia

Oasi is a village in Achaia and belongs to the Municipality of Aigialeia. It has a population of 32 inhabitants according to the 2011 census.


Starting from Aigeira, at the 13th kilometer of the 18th Provincial Road, we meet a fork [1]. Looking for the Oasi we turn left in a landscape with a background of pines, cypresses and vineyards. The road becomes downhill. in less than 2-3 kilometers the oncoming visitor faces the village.

The village, which until 1955 was called Svyrou, is located on the upper bank of the west bank of the Krios River, at an altitude of about 450 meters.

Historical data


Svyrou has existed since the very old years, as well as most of the mountain villages in the valley of Krio. Characteristic was the huge plane tree in the square, which according to tradition had a life of over 1000 years.

A large family of cattle breeders are said to have been the first settlers in the village to come from the village of Sarantapicho.

Ragavis reports that in 1851 46 families (136 inhabitants) lived there. In 1879 the inhabitants were 132. In 1889 there were 137 living in Svyrou. The 1896 census showed 150 inhabitants. In 1907 they were reduced to 129. The participation of the Svyraians in the immigration wave of the time in America was very small [4], since in 1920 113 people remained in the village. The descent to the coast is evident in the next decade, as in 1928 only 95 people lived there.

At present, its few inhabitants have always been engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, while producing a little black currant and cereals, as until the 1960s the famous "Nerotrivi" operated, where all households in the wider area went to bed every summer for cleaning. .


It was renamed Oasis, according to the local literature, because the area had beautiful orchards and a lot of greenery. For the older name "Svirou" it is bibliographically mentioned that it is either anthropomorphic of Albanian origin, ie from the Sbiro family, or it has a Slavic origin and means swamp, spring, vortex [3].

Administrative development

On 20/04/1835 the village was annexed to the Municipality of Fellois until 1912 where with the Government Gazette 256A of 28/08/1912, when the municipalities were abolished, it became the seat of the homonymous community [5] [6]. With the Government Gazette 119A of 03/06/1944, it was detached from the District of Kalavrita, which belonged until then, and was annexed to the District of Aigialeia [5]. With the Government Gazette 287A of 10/10/1955, it was renamed from Svyrou to Oasi [5], as well as the community [6]. With the Government Gazette 244A of 04/12/1997 and the implementation of Kapodistrias, it ceased to be a community and the village came under the Municipality of Aigeira [5] [6]. With the Government Gazette 87A of 07/06/2010 and the implementation of Kallikratis, it was subordinated to the Municipality of Aigialeia [5].

Demographic development

In 1700 it is mentioned in the Venetian census Grimani as Sviru e Screveno, i.e. it is recorded together with the village of Sinevro, and has a population of 7 families (33 inhabitants) [3].

The demographic development of the village according to the national censuses [7] [8] is as follows:
1828 1835 1844 1848-1851 1861 1879 1889 1896 1907 1920 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 1981 1991 2001 2001 2011
20 households -
96 cat. [3] 24 household -
126 cat. [3] 140 cat. [3] 46 family -
136 cat. [3] 142 cat. [3] 132 [3] 137 [3] 150 [3] 129 [3] 113 [3] 95 [3] 129 [3] 120 [3] 98 [3] 87 [3] 104 [3] 265 [3] 133 [ 3] [9] 32 [10]

Other information

His temples are Agios Andreas, which is a common parish church for the village of Sinevro, as well as those of Agioi Anargyroi, Agios Georgios, Agios Ioannis, Zoodochou Pigi and Taxiarches. Neighborhoods of the village are Kalpenaika and Pasaika [3].
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Aigeira Αιγείρα, η)
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