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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Xanthi

Myki (Μύκη) Xanthi

Myki (formerly: Mustaftsova [1] [2] [3] [4], renamed in 1920 [5]) is a village in the prefecture of Xanthi. It belongs to the group of villages in the prefecture with a Muslim population, which are more often called Pomakochoria. It is 20 km from Xanthi and 5 from Sminthi, the capital of the local municipality. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Mycenae and its population is 1,095 inhabitants according to the 2001 census. Its population shows a continuous increase during the last century, as shown in the table below.

Myki xanthis

Population course: [6]
Year 1928 1940 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 1991 2001
Approx. 319 485 570 579 636 821 995 1.095

The settlement

Myki is built at an altitude of 380 meters, in the mountains of Rodopi, in a small valley formed by a torrent, a tributary of Kosinthos. It is almost invisible from the main road that crosses Pomakochoria in the prefecture of Xanthi. The existence of the torrent that crosses the village has created problems during periods of heavy rainfall. In 1996 it caused severe flooding in the village. [7] [8] In the center of the village there is a large mosque, one of the largest in the area. In Myki, the traditional local women's clothing is still worn. This dress is dominated by bright colors, mainly red, and is very different from the dark, simple Muslim clothing worn in other Muslim villages in the area.

Administrative changes

With the implementation of the first administrative division in Thrace, Mycenae was the seat of the homonymous community which was maintained until the implementation of the Kapodistrias program, in 1998. The community included many more settlements and its area was 134,167 acres. [9] [10] In the period 1999-2010, when the Kapodistrias program was in force, he joined the newly established municipality of Mycenae, whose headquarters were in Sminthi. It remained in the municipality of Makis even after the implementation of the Kallikratis program, in 2011 as the municipality was maintained and expanded.


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Administrative changes OTA, Mykis community [dead link]

Municipality of Mycenae, relief

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Website of the municipality of Myki

Municipal Community Myki
Aiora (Αιώρα, η)
Alma (Άλμα, το)
Άνω Ζουμπούλιο, το
Ano Kirra (Άνω Κίρρα, η)
Achladia (Αχλαδιά, η)
Glafki (Γλαύκη, η)
Gorgona (Γοργόνα, η)
Diaforo (Διάφορο, το)
Zoumpouli (Ζουμπούλιο, το)
Kapnoanthos (Καπνόανθος, ο)
Kentavros (Κένταυρος, ο)
Kirra (Κίρρα, η)
Koryfi (Κορυφή, η)
Kotino (Κότινο, το)
Koutsomytis (Κουτσομύτης, ο)
Krania (Κρανιά, η)
Mantaina (Μάνταινα, η)
Myki (Μύκη, η)
Oasi (Όασις, η)
Paneri (Πανέριο, το)
Prosilio (Προσήλιο, το)
Pyrgos (Πύργος, ο)
Rachi (Ράχη, η)
Siroko (Σιρόκο, το)
Sminthi (Σμίνθη, η)
Soula (Σούλα, η)
Stirigma (Στήριγμα, το)
Trigono (Τρίγωνο, το)
Chryso (Χρυσόν, το)

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