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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Voiotia

  • Moni Pelagias (Μονή Πελαγίας) Voiotia
  • Moni Pelagias, The Monastery of Pelagia or Holy Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is an Orthodox Christian monastery in the area of ​​Boeotia and belongs to the Local Community of Kokkinos. It is located on a small plateau on Mount Ptoo near the villages of Akraifnio and Kokkino. From this monastery, Ptoos is also called Mount Pelagia. The name of the monastery, according to one view, is due to a small church that was built in the area during the first Christian years by a Roman woman named Pelagia. It is located on the same site as the ancient temple of the Lower Apollo, which is mentioned by Pausanias.

    There are various views on the date of establishment of the monastery. According to one view, its foundation was laid in the middle of the 12th century, while based on other views in the 16th or 17th [2]



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    Community Kokkino
    Agios Ioannis (Άγιος Ιωάννης, ο)
    Kokkino (Κόκκινο, το)
    Moni Pelagias (Μονή Πελαγίας, η)
    Skroponeria (Σκροπονέρια, τα)

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