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The Messolongi Lagoon

The Messolongi Lagoon or Messolonghi Lagoon (Greek: Λιμνοθάλασσα Μεσολογγίου Limnothalassa Messolongiou) is a lagoon located in the south of the Etoloakarnania prefecture and is a piece of a sea and the Gulf of Patras. It was undepth by the shores of the Gulf of Patras in which. Its length is approximately 15 to 20 km along with its width, its shape resembles a triangular form.

The deepest depth is 5 to 6 m, other than the largest part in which its depths does not pass over half a metre and it contains seaweeds. Several islands surround the lagoon Near to the coasts, the depth is only 10 cm and it is a swampy area that a part of it is land. It features fishes. Strabo called the lake Kynia.

Near the lagoon is the Aitoliko Lagoon to the north.

The lagoon was partly drained in the 20th century especially in the western portion in which a part of the land extended southward with farmlands and dikes. The island of Aitoliko or sometimes the peninsula extended by 15 km and 200 m making it the longest extension, the eastern half became a canal and it resembles as a dike.

Messolongi Lagoon

Location Aitolia-Akarnania
Lake type natural
Basin countries Greece
Max length 15 to 20 km
Max width 15 km
Surface area about 20 to 50 km²
Max depth 9 m
Settlements Messolongi

Ancient Greece
Medieval Greece / Byzantine Empire
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Modern Greece

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