Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Korinthia

Lykoporia (Λυκοποριά) Korinthia

Lykoporia (Avgo) belongs to the Kallikratiko municipality of Xylokastro, Evrostini. It is 50 km from Corinth, 9km before Derveni, Corinth, and stretches for five whole kilometers along the Gulf of Corinth. According to the 2011 census, the population of Lykoporia is 638 inhabitants.

The first and most of its inhabitants came from Zacholi in 1865 and brought with them the manners and customs and engaged in agriculture. They call it the "homeland of nurseries", many of its saplings have been planted throughout the country, while its inhabitants have taught the art of grafting in many parts of our country. The reference point of Lykoporia is its lighthouse that facilitates navigation from and to the Isthmus of Corinth.

The village, before it was named Lykoporia, was called Avgo, from the homonymous hill that dominates the area. There are three versions of the origin of today's name. The first and most popular version is the one attributed to the passage of wolves (wolf + "poria") from the natural passage on the hill of Avgo, where today the transport with Kallithea takes place. The area at that time was pine-covered with dense vegetation, shrubs, reeds and uninhabited, that is, there were favorable conditions for the passage of wolves. The second version, which is probably not correct, is that the name comes from the "sweet fruits" produced by the community (Glykoporia-Lykoporia). However, the citrus cultivation of the Lycoporia plain dates back to later times, when we first came across this name. The third version, and probably the most logical, is that it comes from the Latin word Lux-Lucis which means light, that is, the course of light. The sun rising in Lykoporia, from dawn to dusk, that is, from the twilight to the twilight, is visible throughout the day and illuminates the village with plenty of light. [1]

The well-known artist Andreas Golfinopoulos comes from Lykoporia

Kassios, Dimitris (2002). Eurocoustin-Corinthia twilight. Athena. pp. 19-20. ISBN 960-8144-44-2.

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