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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Xanthi

Koutsomytis (Κουτσομύτης) Xanthi

Koutsomytis is a semi-mountainous village of Thrace in the Regional Unit of Xanthi at an altitude of 337 meters [1], which is located at a distance of about 7 km N. from Sminthi (seat of the municipality) and 10 km B. from Xanthi. It is culturally included in Pomakochoria of Xanthi (as well as all of the area) [2] and is referred to in Pomak as Lezatsko [3], while it was officially recorded for the first time in 1961 in the then community of Mycenae [4]. According to the Kallikratis Plan, it belongs to the municipal unit of Myki of the Municipality of Myki and according to the 2011 census it has a population of 145 inhabitants [5].


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Municipal Community Myki
Aiora (Αιώρα, η)
Alma (Άλμα, το)
Άνω Ζουμπούλιο, το
Ano Kirra (Άνω Κίρρα, η)
Achladia (Αχλαδιά, η)
Glafki (Γλαύκη, η)
Gorgona (Γοργόνα, η)
Diaforo (Διάφορο, το)
Zoumpouli (Ζουμπούλιο, το)
Kapnoanthos (Καπνόανθος, ο)
Kentavros (Κένταυρος, ο)
Kirra (Κίρρα, η)
Koryfi (Κορυφή, η)
Kotino (Κότινο, το)
Koutsomytis (Κουτσομύτης, ο)
Krania (Κρανιά, η)
Mantaina (Μάνταινα, η)
Myki (Μύκη, η)
Oasi (Όασις, η)
Paneri (Πανέριο, το)
Prosilio (Προσήλιο, το)
Pyrgos (Πύργος, ο)
Rachi (Ράχη, η)
Siroko (Σιρόκο, το)
Sminthi (Σμίνθη, η)
Soula (Σούλα, η)
Stirigma (Στήριγμα, το)
Trigono (Τρίγωνο, το)
Chryso (Χρυσόν, το)

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