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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Pieria

Katerini (Greek: Κατερίνη, former name: Αικατερίνη - Aikaterini; "Catherine") is a town in Central Macedonia, Greece, the capital of Pieria peripheral unit. It lies on the Pierian plain, between Mt. Olympus and the Thermaikos Gulf, at an altitude of 14 m. The town, which is one of the newest in Greece, has a population of 83,764 (according to the 2001 census). It is near the city of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city, which has been beneficial for Katerini's development over recent years. Katerini is accessible from the main Thessaloniki–Athens highway GR-1/E75 (with two interchanges near the town) and the Egnatia Odos to the north. It is served by both Intercity and local trains on the main railway line from Athens to Thessaloniki and there is a comprehensive regional and national bus service with its hub in the town.© OpenStreetMap contributors,

A popular tourist destination, Katerini is close to the sea (6 km) and to several archaeological sites of great interest such as the ancient city of Dion (5th century BC, 17 km away) and the Venetian Castle of Platamon. The beaches of Korinos, Paralia and Olympiaki Akti (or Katerinoskala) are visited by both Greek and international tourists during the summer. The roots of Mount Olympus and the town of Litochoro, are at a distance of around 20 kilometres away from the centre of Katerini.

Katerini, Greece


The town's name stems from Catherine of Alexandria (Agia Aikaterini; Αγία Αικατερίνη), a Greek Orthodox Martyr who lived in 4th century AD. It was liberated from the Ottomans on 16 October 1912. During the Nazi régime it was captured by the German army on 14 April 1941 and was liberated three years later. Katerini is referenced in the Mikis Theodorakis' song To treno feugei stis okto (The Train Leaves At 8) with lyrics by the poet Manos Eleftheriou. This song still remains popular today.

Georgakis Olympios

Georgakis Olympios

Eleftherios Venizelos

Eleftherios Venizelos


Former Municipality of Katerini


Ganochora, a village name after Ganaochora in East Thrace, NW of the coast of Propontis the place of the refugess who settled in the village in Katerini. The old name of the village was Tourgia.


A caged ostrich, near Neokaisareia

A caged ostrich, near Neokaisareia

Neokaisareia was founded by refuges from Kaisareia in Cappadocia. The central church Agios Dimitrios was build 1958. The villagers are mainly tobacco farmers . Near Neokaisareia is a forrest. and a park with animals.

Church Agios Antonios, Svoronos

Church Agios Antonios, Svoronos


Svoronos is a village of the municipality of Katerini, before 1953 it was known as Kolokouri. In 15/16 October 1912 there was a battle Turkish and Greek forces. Colonel Svoronos among others died in the battle for the liberation of Katerini.

The new municipality Katerini was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 6 former municipalities, that became municipal units:[1]



Katerini is home to two football teams; Pierikos, a football team currently playing in the Second Division. The other is Ethnikos Katerini.

Historical population
Year Town population Municipality population
1981 38,404 -
1991 43,613 48,673
2001 50,510 56,576
2008 58,654 61,865

Significant Natives

Alexandros Tziolis- Footballer
Kyriakos Papadopoulos- Footballer
Stelios Malezas- Footballer

International relations
Main article: List of twin towns and sister cities in Greece

Twin towns — Sister cities

Katerini is twinned with:

Serbia Čačak, Serbia
Austria Moosburg, Austria
Germany Maintal, Germany
Russia Surgut, Russia

Municipal Community Katerini
Andromachi (Ανδρομάχη, η)
Katerini (Κατερίνη, η)
Nea Chrani (Νέα Χράνη, η)
Neo Keramidi (Νέο Κεραμίδι, το)
Olympiaki Akti (Ολυμπιακή Ακτή, η)


^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

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