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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Kilkis

Kampanis ( Καμπάνης ) Kilkis

Kampanis in the regional unit of Kilkis in the region of central Macedonia is a large settlement, south of the city of Kilkis, next to the east bank of the Gallikos River. Administratively it belonged to the Municipality of Gallikos, while after the implementation of Kallikrates and the merger of the Municipalities it belongs to the Municipality of Kilkis. North of the village flows the Xiropotamos, which flows into the Galliklos that flows west of Kampanis. In 2011 it had a population of 1,170 inhabitants and in 2001 1,399 inhabitants.

In 1912, ten families of Greek Macedonians in the Diaspora settled in the area under the name Karatza Kadi or Karatza Deri. In 1913 it had 37 inhabitants, while in 1920, 277 with refugees from Pontus and Sarakatsani. With new refugees from the Forty Churches of Eastern Thrace and Stenimacho, Bulgaria, the population reached 931 in 1928. In 1926 it was renamed Valtoi (Government Gazette 346A - 04/10/1926 Presidential Decree) and in 1955 it was renamed Kampanis in honor of Colonel Antonios Kampanis, who was killed in the area of ​​the settlement on June 20, 1913 at the Battle of Kilkis against the Komitatzides

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