Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Korinthia

Evrostina (Εβροστίνα) Korinthia

Evrostina (or Evrostini or Zacholi) [1] was the capital of the old municipality of Evrostina and was the "metropolis" of West Corinth. Zacholi has a long history, as it dates back to 1500 BC. It has an altitude of 700 meters and is 14 kilometers from Derveni and 70 kilometers from Corinth.

Its agricultural production is rich. It produces cherries, apples, persimmons, plums, pears, tomatoes and, finally, the famous and award-winning "Zacholitika beans". Zacholi has a great contribution to the struggle of the nation during the Revolution of 1821. He promoted two great chiefs, Panagiotakis Geraris and Christos Zinis or Zacholitis.


The community of Kounianika was established by royal decree on 31/8/1912, came from the Municipality of Zacholi and initially consisted of the settlements of Kounianika, Zervianika, Mavrianika, Epano Aigialos and Rozena. The community with a ministerial decision (A.Y. Internal 3497/1916, Government Gazette Α΄ 273/1915) in 1915 was renamed to the community of Evrostina. [1] On 12-7-1929 (Decree 12-729, Government Gazette Α΄ 228/1929) Rosena was detached from the community of Evrostina and the settlement became the community of Rozenon. After the detachment of the Rosenas, the community consisted of the settlements of Evrostini, Ano Aigialos and Evrostineika (a set of houses at the upper end of the Rosenas).

The inhabitants in 1851 were 1,160 and the town was referred to as Zacholi: Kounianika (885), Mavrianika (665), Zervianika (645). In 1886 the population was 700 and they were scattered. The population of the community with the census of 1928 was 729 people, in 1961 it dropped to 457 people and at 363 with the census of 1971, in 1981 it numbered 414 (Evrostina 114, Ano Aigialos 209 and Evrostineneika 91). In 1985, the communities of Evrostina and Rozena merged under the name Evrostina - Rozena community and its headquarters were in Rosena. In 1991 the united community of Eurostin - Rosenon had 1,069 inhabitants. In 1996 the community of Evrostina - Rozena together with the communities of Derveni, Helidoreo, Lygia, Sarantapichos and Stomio, initially formed the municipality of Evrostina. According to the latest census (2001) the former community and current municipal district had 1,084 inhabitants.

Important attractions of the settlement are the Orthodox churches of Agios Georgios (built in 1811 and stands out for its architectural style and the three holy banks, dedicated to St. George, St. Demetrius and Saints Constantine and Helen), the Assumption of the Virgin Mary at Katafygia) and Agia Paraskevi (built during the same period but rebuilt in 1963) [2].


Fanis Christodoulou: basketball player from Rozena, Corinth.
Varlentis-Christodoulou Christos: Writer, magazine publisher
Balis Georgios: Professor of Law, University of Athens, Academician


Pandektis,  Name changes of the settlements of Greece
Karagiannis, Christos G., ed. (2011). Paul's "seal". The Corinthian Church in time. Corinth: Holy Metropolis of Corinth, Sikyon, Zemenos, Tarsus and Polyfeggos. pp. 51 - 52.

Municipal unit Evrostina
Community Derveni
Derveni (Δερβένι, το)
Mavra Litharia (Μαύρα Λιθάρια)
Petalou (Πεταλού, η)
Community Elliniko
Elliniko (Ελληνικόν, το)
Community Evrostina Rozenon
Ano Aigialos (Άνω Αιγιαλός, ο)
Evrostina (Εβροστίνα, η)
Koumarias (Κουμαριάς, ο)
Rozena (Ροζενά)
Community Kallithea
Kallithea (Καλλιθέα, η)
Skoupaiika (Σκουπαίικα)
Community Lygia
Lygia (Λυγιά, η)
Community Lykoporia
Lykoporia (Λυκοποριά, η)
Community Pyrgos
Pyrgos (Πύργος, ο)
Community Sarantapicho
Sarantapichiotika (Σαρανταπηχιώτικα)
Sarantapicho (Σαραντάπηχον, το)
Community Stomio
Stomio (Στόμιο, το)
Community Chelydoreo
Mentourgianika (Μεντουργιάνικα)
Χελυδόρεον, το

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