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Elis, or Eleia (Greek, Modern: Ήλιδα Ilida, Ancient/Katharevousa: Ήλις, also Ilis, Doric: Άλις) an ancient district within the modern prefecture of Ilia. It is in southern Greece on the Peloponnesos peninsula, bounded on the north by Achaea, east by Arcadia, south by Messenia, and west by the Ionian Sea.

The local form of the name was Valis, or Valeia, and its meaning, in all probability, “the lowland.” In its physical constitution Elis is practically one with Achaea and Arcadia; its mountains are mere offshoots of the Arcadian highlands, and its principal rivers are fed by Arcadian springs.

Elis, Elis, Elis,

Elis, Elis,

Elis Coin with Zeus Statue of Pheidias, Text "Ileion"

Elis organized the Olympic Games

Elis, Stater, Elis, Stater, Elis, Stater,

Elis, Stater, Elis, Stater, Elis, Stater, Elis, Stater,

Elis was divided into three districts:

  • Hollow or Lowland Elis
  • Pisatis, or the territory of Pisa
  • Triphylia, or the country of the three tribes.

Hollow Elis, the largest and most northern of the three, was watered by the Peneus and its tributary the Ladon. The district was famous in antiquity for its cattle and horses. Pisatis extended south from Hollow Elis to the right bank of the Alpheus, and was divided into eight departments called after as many towns. Triphylia stretches south from the Alpheus to the Neda.

Today some of the monuments are parts of a hellenistic Theater.

Reconstruction of an ancient Gymnasium

Mirror with cover. Herakles assaulting Auge, daughter of the King of Tegea Aleos

Mirror On the cover combat. Achilles and Troilos?

Persons from Elis

Coroebus of Elis first winner of Stadion (στάδιο) , 776 BC
Hypenus of Elis first winner of Diaulos (δίαυλος) 724 BC


Salmoneus, mythological king of Elis

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