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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Kilkis

Eleftherochori (Ελευθεροχώρι) Kilkis

Eleftherochori is a lowland village of Kilkis in Central Macedonia at an altitude of 60 meters.

Geography - History

Eleftherochori is located 14 km NW. of the city of Kilkis and 60 km B.-BD. of Thessaloniki [2], between the villages of Hersos, Iliolousto and Stavrochori. It is built near the national road Thessaloniki - Doirani and to its southeast is the industrial area (VIPE) of Kilkis. The village is characterized as purely refugee, after the Balkan wars and population exchange, the Refugee Rehabilitation Commission (SAP) installed 66 refugee families (182 people) [3] from the villages of Emirhan and Masurtzik in the Kars region of the Caucasus [4]. The old name of the village, from the time of the Turkish occupation, was Geni-Kioi and it is mentioned in 1919 in the Government Gazette 48A-05/03/1919 to be attached to the then community Kilindir that belonged to the prefecture of Thessaloniki. It was renamed Eleftherochori in 1927 and in 1934 it was detached to the then newly established prefecture of Kilkis. According to the Kallikratis program, together with Hersos, Kalindria and Iliofoto, they constitute the local community of Hersos which belongs to the municipal unit of Hersos of the municipality of Kilkis and according to the 2011 census as a community has a population of 126 permanent residents, while as a settlement 128 [6 ].


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Municipal unit Cherso
Community Iliolousto
Iliolousto (Ηλιόλουστον, το)
Community Megali Sterna
Megali Sterna (Μεγάλη Στέρνα, η)
Michalitsi (Μιχαλίτσι, το)
Σουλτογιανναίικα, τα
Community Plagia
Agia Kyriaki (Αγία Κυριακή, η)
Κορομηλέα, η
Plagia (Πλαγιά, η)
Community Cherso
Eleftherochori (Ελευθεροχώρι, το)
Iliofoto (Ηλιόφωτον, το)
Kalindria (Καλίνδρια, η)
Cherso (Χέρσο, το)


Eleftherochori Grevena
Eleftherochori Fthiotida
Eleftherochori Ioannina
Eleftherochori Kilkis
Eleftherochori Magnisia
Eleftherochori Pella
Eleftherochori Trikala

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