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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Fthiotida

Eleftherochori (Ελευθεροχώρι) Fthiotida

Eleftherochori is a village and homonymous local community of the Prefecture of Fthiotida which belongs to the enlarged Municipality of Lamia, while until December 31, 2010 it was a municipal district of the Kapodistrian Municipality of Gorgopotamos. It is located on the northern slopes of Kallidromos, built at an altitude of 740 meters on a slope full of fir trees and is the most mountainous village of Kallidromos. Eleftherochori has a population, according to the 2011 census, of 119 inhabitants) [1]. The location of the village offers a very good view to the plain of Sperchios in the north and to the basin of Gravia in the west.

Near the village is the small lake Nevropolis which is formed between a dense spruce forest, on a small plateau of Kallidromo, during the winter [2]. The camps of the Christian Home of Lamia operate in the area [3] and there is a special route of the Acropolis Rally with a length of 17.87 km. [4] There is a train station, which is closed due to low passenger traffic.


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Eleftherochori Grevena
Eleftherochori Fthiotida
Eleftherochori Ioannina
Eleftherochori Kilkis
Eleftherochori Magnisia
Eleftherochori Pella
Eleftherochori Trikala

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