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Christofilaiika, Christofilaiika or Hristofileika (Greek: Χριστοφιλαίικα, formerly: Χριστοφιλέικα, from Christos + fylos + -έικα -eika, an older form of -αικα -aika) rarely Khristofilaiika or Khristofileika is a settlement located in the municipality of Arfara and the prefecture of Messenia. It is part of the community of Agios Floros. The settlement is connected with other GR-7/E55/E65. The settlement is situated in a valley area. It is located about 20 km N of Kalamata, about 50 to 60 km NW of Sparta NW of the Mani Peninsula and about 25 km NE of Messene.

Nearest places

Agios Floros, northwest.



  • Longitude: 22.03275 (22°1'9') E
  • Latitude: 37.193 (37°11'30') N

Postal code: 240 02

Elevation: about 10 to 15 m

Dialing code: +11+30-27210 (030-27210)-5x xxx

The hills and the mountains which are mainly with rocks and bushes lie to the north and east. Olive groves and pastures dominates the rest of the land along with fruits and vegetables.

Historical population

Year Population

1991 53
2001 49


Christofileika's nearest school, lyceum, and a square is in Agios Floros.

The entire population prior to the late-20th century were entirely rural and were also farmers. Today, it is still the majority of the population of the settlement. The area is small and the length from north to south is nearly 500 to 600 m.

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