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Cassandreia (Greek: Κασσάνδρεια; Kassandreia, modern transliteration: Kassandria) or Casssandrea was one of the most important cities in Ancient Macedonia founded by and named after Cassander in 316 BC located near the Ancient Greek city of Potidaea. The territory compromised the areas of Olynthus and Mekyberna to the northeast, Bottidaea to the northwest and the small isthmus of Pallene (now Kassandreia) to the east. At the end of the Roman Republic, a Roman colony was settled around 43 BC by the order of Brutus, the proconsul Q. Hortensius Hortatus. On the second colonial deduction had to intervene on a principate because the official colonial name was Colonia Iulia Augusta Cassandrensis. The colony enjoyed ius Italicum. It is mentioned in Pliny the Elder's encyclopaedia (IV, 36) and in its inscriptions.

The modern settlement of Kassandra (Kassandreia) is south of the ancient site south of the present-day canal. The ancient site of Cassandreia is not excavated. The peninsula of Kassandra lies to the south.

The canan by Nea Potidaia to the north bounds the peninsula with the rest of Chalkidiki.

Kassandra features picturesque villages, beautiful green nature filled with grasslands and forests, beache including one in Sani and tourist attractions.

The Peninsula

Cassandreia is also a peninsula located in the southwestern part of Chalkidiki in Greece. The peninsula is west of the Sithonia peninsula. The peninsula is located southeast of Thessaloniki.


  • Afythos
  • Chnioti or Hanioti
  • Dionysiou
  • Flogita
  • Fourka
  • Kalandra
  • Kallithea
  • Kassandreia
  • Kiropigi
  • Mola Kalyva
  • Nea Plagia
  • Nea Potidaia
  • Nea Fokaia
  • Nea Skioni
  • Pefkochori
  • Polychrono or Polihrono
  • Sani
  • Siviri
  • Sozopolis


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