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Periphery: North Aegean
Prefecture: Lesbos

Atsiki Municipality

Atsiki (Ατσική) is a municipality (Dimos Atsikis, Δήμος Ατσικής) on the island of Lemnos, in the Lesbos Prefecture, Greece. Population 3225 (2001).

Atsiki is located in the northern central part of the island and has a land area of 134.672 km², covering about 28.2% of the island's surface. The municipal seat is the town of Atsikí (pop. 918 in 2000 census). Its next largest town is Ágios Dimítrios (733).

Division of the municipality

Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios (Άγιος Δημήτριος Λήμνου) is a village, population 733 (2001) of the Atsiki municipality. Agios Dimitrios and the village Nea Koutali unlike other much older villages of Lesbos was founded in the last century. Agios Dimitrios was founded 1922/23 from 556 refuges from Reis Ntere (Ρεϊς-Ντερέ ) , a city close to the island of Chios, after the Minor Asia catastrophe in the place of the small turkish village called Lera. Lera is mentioned in byzantine documents from the year 1355. In Reis Ntere there was the church of Agios Dimitrios after which the village in Lesbos was named (in the year 1947 or 1955). The majority of the population are farmers.

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