Zeus: A Study in Ancient Religion, A. B. Cook

The Gods of Ancient Greece


Worshipping Aphrodite: art and cult in classical Athens, Rachel Rosenzweig

Dionysus: myth and cult, Walter Friedrich Otto

Dionysos: archetypal image of indestructible life, Karl Kerényi

Hermes the thief: the evolution of a myth, Norman Oliver Brown

Orpheus and Greek religion: a study of the Orphic movement, William Keith Chambers Guthrie

Silens in Attic black-figure vase-painting: myth and performance, Guy Michael Hedreen

The gardens of Adonis: spices in Greek mythology, Marcel Detienne, Janet Lloyd


Heroes and monsters of Greek myth, Bernard Evslin, Dorothy Evslin, Ned Hoopes

Gods, demigods & demons: a handbook of Greek mythology, Bernard Evslin

Helen of Troy: from Homer to Hollywood, Laurie E. Maguire

Waiting for Odysseus, Clemence McLaren

Odysseus unbound: the search for Homer's Ithaca, Robert Bittlestone, James Diggle, John Underhill

Where on Earth Is Ithaca?: A Quest for the Homeland of Odysseus, Cees H. Goekoop

Troy c. 1700-1250 BC, Nic Fields, Donato Spedaliere, Sarah Sulemsohn Spedaliere

Black ships before Troy: the story of the Iliad, Rosemary Sutcliff

The returns of Odysseus: colonization and ethnicity, Irad Malkin

The Cambridge companion to Greek mythology, Roger D. Woodard

Myth and Territory in the Spartan Mediterranean, Irad Malkin

Approaches to Greek myth, Lowell Edmunds

Structure and history in Greek mythology and ritual, Walter Burkert

Savage energies: lessons of myth and ritual in ancient Greece, Walter Burkert

Ancient mystery cults, Walter Burkert

The death and afterlife of Achilles, Jonathan S. Burgess

Nature and culture in the Iliad: the tragedy of Hector, James M. Redfield

Myths of the underworld journey: Plato, Aristophanes, and the 'Orphic' gold Tablets, Radcliffe Guest Edmonds

Baby and child heroes in ancient Greece, Corinne Ondine Pache

The Trojan War, Olivia E. Coolidge, Edouard Sandoz

Greek Myths, Olivia E. Coolidge, Edouard Marcel Sandoz

Apollodorus, The Library of Greek Mythology. Robin Hard

Python: a study of Delphic myth and its origins, Joseph Eddy Fontenrose

The oracles of Apollo in Asia Minor, Herbert William Parke

Sibyls and sibylline prophecy in classical antiquity, Herbert William Parke

The Sibylline oracles: with introduction, translation, and commentary on the first and seconds books, J. L. Lightfoot

Book III of the Sibylline oracles and its social setting, Rieuwerd Buitenwerf

The myth of Apollo and Marsyas in the art of the Italian Renaissance: an inquiry into the meaning of images, Edith Wyss

Encyclopedia of Mythology

Dictionary of Classical Mythology

Did the Greeks believe in their myths?: an essay on the constitutive imagination, Paul Veyne

From myth to reason?: studies in the development of Greek thought, R. G. A. Buxton

Girls and women in classical Greek religion, Matthew Dillon

Portrait of a priestess: women and ritual in ancient Greece, Joan Breton Connelly

Placing the gods: sanctuaries and sacred space in ancient Greece, Susan E. Alcock, Robin Osborne

Greek sanctuaries: new approaches, Nanno Marinatos, Robin Hägg

Pilgrims and pilgrimage in ancient Greece, Matthew Dillon

Imaginary Greece: the contexts of mythology, R. G. A. Buxton

Forms of astonishment: Greek myths of metamorphosis, R. G. A. Buxton

Classical mythology in English literature: a critical anthology, Geoffrey Miles

Children's books on ancient Greek and Roman mythology: an annotated bibliography, Antoinette Brazouski, Mary J. Klatt

Ancient Greek myth in modern Greek poetry: essays in memory of C.A. Trypanis, Constantine Athanasius Trypanis, Peter Mackridge

Hellenic religion and Christianization, c. 370-529, Volume 2, Frank R. Trombley



Los mitos griegos, Robert Graves

La naturaleza de los mitos griegos, G. S. Kirk


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