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Sappho , Dance of Evzonoi and villagers in Megara, Zalongos Dance ,

Panagis Koutalianos, Giannis Kontos, Seaside village of Mytilene, Villager from Mytilini,

Baker's shop, Olive harvest , Mytilini ,

Konstantinos Palaiologos, Married couple from Pilion, Leonidas Androutsos, Athanasios Diakos,

Erotokritos and Aretousa, Palaion Patron Germanos, Markos Botsaris, Athanasios Diakos,

Gorgona, Kechagias, Shepherds of Cheimara, Phrixus on the golden ram ,

Despair, Gulf of Geras, Cropping in Molyvos,

Shepherd from Messolonghi, Countrywoman from Corfu, Countryside barbers, Greek dancer, Dancing bear,

Rebels, Turkish Coffee house,

Adam and Eve, Polyphemus,

Rigas and Korais save Greece

Pavlos Melas

Death-in-battle of Markos Botsaris near Karpenisi . Detail of a painting by Theophilos (1932).

Miltiadis Giataganas,


Demeter, Theofilos

Theofilos, Theofilos,

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