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Amphibians of Cyprus
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Mammals of Cyprus
Mollusca of Cyprus
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Reptiles of Cyprus

The Cyprus moufflon, a rare type of mountain goat unique to Cyprus ( Source : Aspect of Cyprus)

Kourion Limassol

Cedar Tree

Valley of Cedars , Paphos

See also Lebanon Cedar

Oak Tree, Galata,

Plane Tree Forest, Amiantos


Yellow Trumpetbush, Mesa Geitonia

Peacocks in Alassa

Nature Images from Ormidhia



Pomegranate , Pyrakanthos bush in Vasa Koilaniou

Opuntia ficus-indica fruit collection, Kalo Chorio Lemesou

Lacerta laevis

The endemic grass snake (Natrix Natrix Cypriaca) ( Source : Aspect of Cyprus)

Cyprus Whip snake

Endemic Snakes

The Blunt Nosed Viper
The Cat Snake
The Coin Snake
The Cyprus Whip snake
The Cyprus Grass Snake
The Large Whip Snake
The Montpellier Snake
The Worm Snake




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