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Limassol, 28 October 2008. "Ochi Day" Celebration Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Andreas Christou , Mayor of Limassol, the Metropolit of Limassol, Communications and Works minister of Cyprus Nikos Nikolaidis (Nicolaides)

On the eve of October 28, 1940, Italy's ambassador in Athens handed an ultimatum from Mussolini to Metaxas. By then Italy had concentrated a large part of the Italian Army in neighboring Albania, and the Duce demanded free passage for his troops to occupy unspecified "strategic points" inside Greek territory. Metaxas rejected the ultimatum, echoing the will of the Greek people to resist, a will which was popularly expressed in one word: "Ohi" (Greek for "No"). Within hours Italy was attacking Greece from Albania.

Kyrenia, lives and waits for us

Solution only with return

Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Assosiaction Free Agios Amvrosios Keryneias ( occupied North Cyprus)

Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Veterans of the Greco-Italian war, Greek Cypriots participated in the war in Pindos and Albania

Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Limassol, 28 October 2008

Limassol, 28 October 2008

Limassol, 28 October 2008

All Photos : Augusta Stylianou Artist

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