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Falia (Greek : Φάλια ) is a community of the District of Paphos.

Year Population


1960 190
1982 0
1992 0
2001 4

From Devia Cyprus, 1889:

On a spur of the mountain below Agios Photios lies Phallia, whose inhabitants are of gipsy origin, unless my judgment is much at fault. No other village in Cyprus shows the same peculiar type, particularly noticeable in the women, who appear, though Moslems, not only to dispense with veils, but to accost and talk openly to a stranger in the company of the men. I have noticed an equal pitch of freedom only in the remote Moslem villages of the Carpass, whose inhabitants are certainly not of Turkish origin. These Phallia ladies wear also a profusion of gold ornaments, unique in Cyprus. The faces of both men and women are of extreme swarthiness, the hair is raven-black, the noses and lips fine, the eyes very brilliant, and the ears small. There is a slight resemblance to the Marathasiotes, who are believed by the Cypriotes to be descendants of Phoenician settlers, but on the whole the likeness is rather to the gipsy type with which we are familiar in the west.

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