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Deryneia or Dherynia (Greek : Δερύνεια ) is a municipality of the District of Famagusta partly in the occupied region of Cyprus.

Folklore Museum in Deryneia, demonstration of the use of animal power, Photos : Augusta Stylianou Artist

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Year Population
1946 1593
1960 2741
1982 3345
1992 4165
2001 4954

The Panagia Church (Geniseos tis Theotokou) in Deryneia was build in the 16th century. It was extended in 1727. Another church of the same period is the church of Agios Georgios. The Byzantine church Agia Mariana assumed to be from the 12th century is in the neutral zone around Deryneia.

Dimitrakis Christodoulou

Current mayor is Andros Karayiannis. Since 1974, around 75% of the village terrain is occupied by the Turkish army, as well as the 37% of Cyprus and the whole of Famagusta town. The village is 12 kilometers from the famous resort of Ayia Napa. The 'Ghost Town' of Famagusta (more accurately Varosha) can be clearly viewed from the roof of the Cultural Centre, as can the craters from shells fired during the invasion in the field opposite.

The village has agricultural land around it, and is one of the 'Kokkinochoria' (red villages) so called from the red soil. Potatoes are widely grown but the Deryneia is famous for its strawberries and holds a biennial 'Strawberry Festival' - the next due in 2014.

1994 - 2001, Flora Ioannou
2001 - 2011, Antreas Shiapanis
2012 - date, Andros Karayiannis


Anagennisi Deryneia (Greek: Αναγέννηση Δερύνειας)

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Kato Deryneia (Κάτω Δερύνεια / Κάμπος της Δερύνειας)

Strovilia (Στροβίλια)

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